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Deep Fakes On The Verge

Tonight I began to entertain thoughts of completely eliminating the Main Stream News from my daily habits. I am also thinking of staying away from all the alternative news outlets too. Let me explain why:

As I was watching TV, I saw a program explaining what “Deep Fakes” are all about and it got me to thinking deeply.

So … what the hell are “Deep Fakes?” Read More Here and find out.

I thought to myself, “If Deep Fakes are that good and that convincing, then the day is surely going to come when everything we see on television is liable to be some kind of deep fake rather than a real person talking into a camera.

That will be the day when all the news will definitely become “Fake News” and once that happens nobody is ever going to know who or what to trust ever again.

Here is an example of what I am talking about: Watch This Video and be amazed.

What happens when the different political parties take hold of this new technology and start using it under the First Amendment to the Constitution to appeal to their audiences during political election campaigns? And you know they are going to do it, don’t you?

Sincerely yours,


When Charity Ends

Am I allowed to tell the truth on this blog or am I going to have to avoid certain unpleasant subjects so as to avoid embarrassing other people?
I want to tell you why it is that I never give anything at all to any of those “Charitable” outfits that stand on street corners and inside of some retail establishment lobbies during certain sacred seasons.

I am not going to name these organizations but I am sure that if you are a human being, you have, at one time or another, encountered them during the holidays, singing their carols, playing their saxophones and violins, standing faithfully beside their little buckets that you are supposed to reach into your pocket and get out some money and cast it in to the buckets as the cheery-faced attendant wishes you the merriest of all seasons.

If you are very lucky, the charity collector might even bestow a blessing of God upon you before you take your leave from the somewhat emotion-driven scene.

I would like to inject a thought here …A “God Bless You” spoken from the lips of hypocrites has never filled the belly of a hungry soul or wrapped them in a blanket of warmth or given them a pair of socks for their naked feet in the dead of winter.

I am often told about all the good work that some of these organizations do … helping the poor and the needy … and whatever else it is they are reported to do.

Back in or about the year 1978 I myself was about as poor and needy as anybody could get.

I had lost my good-paying job at a major automobile manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan, had declared bankruptcy, had lost everything I had ever worked for … watched my family leave me and return to our old town in a Midwestern state and was, more or less, living on the streets once in awhile, in a friend’s house for a night or two …and there was no work to be found at the time.

So I made the decision to visit the headquarters of one of these charitable organizations to see if there was anything they could do to help me. I went for a couple of days every week with nothing to eat except for the discarded sandwiches that a fast food restaurant had thrown, still warm and fully wrapped, into their dumpster.

All this happened long before I chose the path toward my ambition to raise myself from poverty and head for the seemingly impossible world of the very wealthy …In fact, it was this time of desperation that fired my ambitions to do something to earn tons of money …but that is another story altogether.

I went to the headquarters of the charity organization and met with a high-ranking official in his very well appointed office … I would even go so far as to say “A luxurious office” …. lots of polished wooden panels, deep plush rugs on the floors, spic and span clean …

I poured my heart out to this individual … this high-ranking charity guy … the manager of the entire operation … the man who could speak the magic words to somebody lower on the totem pole than he was … and get something done to help me become a little bit more stable and a little less hungry. I just knew in my heart that God would touch this man’s soul and get me the help I needed.

We spent about an hour talking back and forth and he finally informed me that he didn’t have a single blessed thing to offer to me. Nothing. Nada. No place to sleep off the streets for the night, no hot meal, nothing!

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was supposed to be a compassionate, caring and helpful man of God …and he had nothing to offer to me.

I went to other similar organizations during that time span and the answer was always the same… they would listen to my story of woe, they would offer to pray for me .. but none of them had anything to offer that would give me food or shelter.

I was thankful that once in awhile, somebody that I met on the street would take me to a restaurant and buy me a sandwich or a meal or something. The fast food joint where I had been filching sandwiches from their dumpster got wise to what was happening and poured household bleach, full strength, over all the sandwiches in their dumpster, rendering them totally unfit and unsafe to eat.

Well, here is the end of the story, friends and neighbors … since that time I have gotten to the point in life where I never have to ask anybody for anything anymore. I have all I need and then some now … I have been blessed beyond measure … I climbed out of that shit hole of poverty and desperate need …

But these days I pass by those cheerful little carol-singing elves with the tin buckets to collect cash in … I pass by them all … I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire …

Call me vindictive if you wish. Call me anything except late for dinner.

I am pretty certain, but I cannot be sure, that there must be other people out there who found themselves in much the same situation as I was in and I am wagering that they got the same answers to their pleas for help from some of these jerks.

I don’t know what goes with all the money that some of these outfits collect every year — I am sure that some of it goes into some kind of food assistance or shelter program for the indigent…but I was indigent once and could never seem to get a foot into their door of compassion for some reason still unknown to me.

All I know is that I am no longer that bum on the streets that I was way back then and I know also that none of them will ever get a dime from me.

What I do these days is take a needy person to a restaurant or a store and get them food or clothing if they need help.

I do all my charitable acts in person directly with the people I meet who are in need. Never a dime to a billion dollar corporation with a bunch of little patsies running around collecting dimes, dollars and doughnuts so that some stiff necked creep in a fancy office somewhere can live a life of luxury.

Bold New Moves

I have been messing with the CSS on this blog in an attempt to get it to look more like I want it to look and I am wondering if I have been successful or if I have messed the whole thing up.

For example: Is the Line underneath the main blog title centered well under the main title or is it way off to either the left or the right of the main title? I am talking about the line that says, “My Opinions And Questions About Everything.”

I have attempted to reduce the width of the paragraphs on the blog and I have tried to move the paragraphs of blog posts more to the center of the page for easier reading. I am wondering if my readers see this as having been successful or if the entire thing is all over the page?

I have tried to make the headline over each blog post rest comfortable above the individual posts with the left hand side of the headline lined up with the left hand side of the individual blog posts. I hoped that worked out too.

Finally, I am hoping that in adjusting the placement of all these elements, I have not caused the blog posts or the headlines or any of the rest of it to collide with or overlap onto the right hand sidebar.

If I have been successful in all these areas and if the blog is easy to read and not confusing to the eye then I will be a happy camper.

Can someone tell me if I have been successful or if I should return all the elements on the page to their original positions?

Thank you for your help.

Gratefully yours,


ALRIGHT, I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY — None of it worked. It threw the ability of smart phones to read the blog completely off. It worked on desktops and tablets but it totally got wrecked on smart phones. I am so sorry I wasted your time with this post … I have returned the whole thing to normal again.

My Friend The Methodist

By John on July 31, 2022

My friend was a preacher’s kid and his father was a Methodist minister and I spent a lot of time at their house when I was a teen aged kid.

The minister’s son was gay and I was not but he took a shine to me anyway and we became good friends.

I got invited to eat dinner with the family a lot of the times and I took up going to church with them always sitting next to the son whom I shall call “Roy” for the sake of this post.

The Minister had a specially rigged chair in his study. It was an easy chair upholstered in leather. The minister used the chair primarily for relaxing and for watching fledgling television. Television was relatively new in those days and the screen were very small.

In those days, television programs also had a lot of advertising for various brands of beer and booze on them.

The Methodist Minister was solidly adverse to the use of alcohol and so he had a special button installed into the arm rest of his lounging chair and whenever a television advertisement appeared pushing beer or wine or whatever, he would push the button and mute the sound and scramble the picture on the television set.

When the advertisement was finished playing, the minister could then press the button again and the television set would return to normal.

July 31 Links

Shoplifting out of control … almost. It seems like a lot more Americans have developed sticky fingers these days, forcing a lot of stores to start putting even some of their average, ordinary, everyday items behind lock and key. Read More Here.The most commonly stolen items at US stores include cigarettes, health and beauty products, over-the-counter medications, contraceptives, liquor, teeth-whitening strips and other products.

Is a “Red Wave” coming? The Republicans seem to think that they’ve got it made when it comes to taking over the entire government of The United States during the Mid-term elections as well as the election of 2024. Read More Here. Only about a Hundred days left before we see if American will take one more step closer to fascism.

Pelosi seems poised to piss China off majorly .. Read More Here.In 1996, the Chinese had no way of sinking American aircraft carriers. Today they have missiles that can do just that. In 1996 their nuclear saber-rattling was a bluff. Today it is not.

More violence predicted for the USA … as if it couldn’t get any worse than it already is …Now they are saying it could get a lot worse … Read More Here.” Members of the US House of Representatives will now receive up to $10,000 to upgrade security at their homes in the face of rising threats against lawmakers, the House sergeant at arms announced last week, in yet another sign that American politics has entered a dangerous, violent new phase.

I wish to hell that somebody would give me Ten Thousand Dollars to upgrade the security at my house but I am not holding my breath on that one.

Cruelty is reported to be the major defining characteristic of today’s GOP .. Read More Here. I am not surprised to hear this because after all, isn’t cruelty the defining mark of most all factions moving toward fascism in their doctrines and attitudes?

ABOVE THE LAW ….It has been reported that former president Trump has unlawfully used the Presidential Seal during his golf tournament that he held on behalf of the Saudis recently. It has also been reported that a lot of people and even some businesses have filed complaints against this use of the Presidential seal ….Quote: ” —Citizens for Reform and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed multiple complaints against Trump businesses –including National Golf Club Bedminster, site of the controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf series that has drawn protest from 9/11 families and defiant support from Trump — for improper use of the presidential seal. The complaints cited federal law:”(End of quote)

Doesn’t anybody understand by now that the former President is above the law? Even if that is not the case, technically, it is what I am beginning to believe. Read More Here.

DeSantis Vs Trump —- I think that if you liked, (Loved, ejaculated over) President Trump, you are going to go absolutely bonkers over Ron DeSantis. Some folks have said that DeSantis manages to out-Trump Trump … if that be possible. Since I believe that DeSantis might be a contender for the presidency in 2024, I think you need to Read More Here. Does it get any better than this?

July 30th Nutshell

File This Under “Personal Blog”

July 30, 2022 —– I got up this morning and had a big bacon and egg breakfast.

I always buy the thick cut bacon and I used Three slices of it this morning along with Three scrambled eggs and coffee and that was the entire meal. It came out to about 500 calories all together and kept me fully satiated until lunch time.

This kind of breakfast is high in protein and it seems to help me curb my overactive appetite and I definitely need to curb my appetite because I am what the medical folks call “Obese.”

I know that I am overweight according to all the available medical charts but I have always said that those “Medical Charts” are written for the average person and do not address the needs of everybody who draws breath.

I packed on a lot of muscle in my lifetime from lifting weights on a regular basis so my fat to lean ratio is different from some other folks. I wish that medical professionals would treat patients as individual cases with different individual needs rather than lumping as many people as possible under a protocol that is supposed to serve the needs of everybody. Of course these may be just my suspicions … I am not a doctor or a nurse or any other kind of healthcare practitioner …I am just talking gut feelings here.

Basically I am very solidly built and I can draw my stomach in to the point that it is actually not easy to “Pinch That Inch” that a lot of people use to determine their amount of fatness with. I am also in good shape to power walk and to do calisthenics and to lift light weights and to workout on gymnasium machines … so I do not see a problem with my weight … but it does bug me and I am constantly fighting to lose weight.

Maybe I am not supposed to lose weight. But I think at age 84, being 240 pounds is a little much even though it is mostly rock hard solid.

Anyway, that was breakfast.

The weather outside was a little on the cooler side today so I took advantage of it and went walking around a couple of city blocks.

Later on in the day, I also went to the local Walmart store and bought myself a pair of steel-toed work shows … low cut work shoes with slip resistant soles. I need the slip resistant soles so that I can walk with a lot of confidence on some of those much-too-shiny and slick floors that you now find in places like retail stores and hospitals.

While out and about today, I noticed that a lot of people ….. too many people …. were not wearing their face masks and I thought that this was unfortunate since we are now in the midst of a new outbreak of the Covid-19 BA-5 variant. This variant is the most contagious variant yet and the cases are rising very rapidly where I live.

I have had all my vaccinations and booster shots against covid 19 but the scientists say that even though people have all their shots and their boosters, they can still get this BA-5 variant and worse than that, people can get it over and over again. The scientists assure us, however, that having the shots and the boosters does go a long way toward keeping people out of hospitals and morgues. That is enough for me. I am a believer.

At about 2:00 PM this afternoon, I turned on all the air conditioners in the house and took my Two Hour daily siesta nap. Some people tell me that taking naps is not a good idea; that it robs me of needed sleep at night, but I have never been a good night sleeper anyway. I awake at different hours throughout the night. Sometimes I wake having to go to the bathroom. I guess a lot of old people have to do that. But generally speaking, I do get enough rest and waking a few times each night does not seem to bother me.

My doctor gave me permission to eat a magnesium gummie before bed time because it is supposed to help me relax and to get more needed rest. It works for me. I am not suggesting that you or anyone else take these things …. but if you are thinking about it, it is imperative, it is critically important that you speak to your own doctor before doing anything like that.

Dinner today was chili con carne over spaghetti. I made the chili from a recipe that I found on You Tube and I have to tell you that I thought this recipe was absolutely amazing and totally delicious. In case you are interested, you can see the recipe HERE.

That is about all that happened to me today. I hope that YOU had a good day too.

Who Are America’s Propaganda Masters?

The Conservatives accuse the Liberals of being the propaganda masters in The United States and the Liberals accuse the Conservatives. Who is guilty, who is innocent, who is right and who is wrong … and does it matter at all?

The Conservatives like to compare the Liberal’s use of the Media to old-style Soviet Propaganda and the Liberals often compare Conservative Media methods of twisting the news to the tactics and antics of Joseph Goebbels’ German propaganda machine during the Hitler reign.

Anyone who watches the world with any amount of common sense can see these two factions at war with each other over their complaints of “Propaganda” in the Media, accusing one another of trying to control the minds of their readers and listeners in order to brainwash them to their own individual agendas.

It is an ongoing struggle between the media giants of the opposing parties and it does little to enhance American confidence in the Media … regardless of which side is involved.

Everybody in the Media usually gets around to accusing their competitors on the other side of the political fence of engaging in a barrage of denial, deception and misinformation.

This blather and rattle often forces concerned citizens who have honest intent in their hearts to seek out alternative Media sources …. and this can be just as confusing and unsettling as anything.

Right now, because America is traditionally more Leftist, more Liberal in nature than the right wing or Conservative factions, the general Media is more or less controlled by Leftists .. and has been for a long long time now. So in many respects, it is true that the views and opinions expressed on generally available and dominant Media resources reflect that Liberal bias because the is, traditionally, what most Americans have wanted and that is what they have supported, for the most part, for the past two hundred or so years.

But there is a rising right wing in the country now and the Conservative Media outlets have started broadcasting their own ideas of what they think the American People should be seeing and hearing in the Media — and unfortunately I believe that most of what many in the Conservative Media are putting out there for consumers is “Created” facts designed to entice their audiences to live, willingly, in an alternate universe … a universe devoid of facts but bulging with false promises …and I believe that the modern Conservative Media is also working on a plan to enforce violence and hatred between opposing political camps ….and they are doing this while accusing the Liberal Media of doing the same things.

Everyone already knows how the former president enhanced the idea of everything being said by the Liberal side as “Fake News” but so far as I can tell, nobody has realized that much of what the Conservative Media is broadcasting and printing is even “Faker” news that what the Liberal media is presenting.

The end result of all this confusion is that ordinarily decent, honest, hard-working and sincere Americans who have swallowed the lies, misdirection, misconceptions, deceptions and verbal defecations of the Conservative Media are no longer capable of hearing Truth and will actually refuse to pay attention to Liberal Media. These folks will deny the truth of any situation with a fanatical fervor.

One prime example of what I am talking about is this: You encounter a true believer in Conservatism and you try to engage them in a conversation about whether or not the election of 2020 was stolen or not and they will insist, without any evidence to the contrary, and based entirely on what they have heard their right wing propaganda masters that “It sure was stolen, buddy!” — and they are not about to change their minds no matter how much evidence to the contrary comes to light.

Another example is this one: Try to tell some right wingers that it was Trump supporters invading the Capitol on January 6th (The insurrection) and they will insist, with the straightest of faces, that there was no insurrection, that the entire event was peaceful, that no one present at the insurrection was armed and that the troublemakers were all members of Antifa and that any Trump supporters who happened to be on the scene that fateful day were innocent as the driven snow.

And many such people believe this right wing horse shit strongly enough that they are willing to come to blows in any argument to the contrary.

They have absolutely no idea that their right wing puppeteers are leading them straight into a newly-minted and horrific fascist style reality and they will tell you outright that Liberalism is leading us all into a totally “Communist” reality.

This is how America is divided these days and I see no clear path forward to the place where we can ever agree among the parties again.

I think it will take a cataclysm of historic proportions to heal America’s divide ever again.

July 30, 2022 On Purpose

File this under “Personal Blog.”

Having retired some years ago from the pressure cooker of high-style business life, I fell into a number of habits … some good …some not so good … some exciting …. some boring as hell.
Writing a blog is one of the releases that I enjoy even though my efforts do not gain much audience participation, I am blessed with a few dear and faithful friends and that is reward enough for me …. even though I might bitch and moan a lot wishing that more people would join me in this literary adventure.

Being a retired executive, some of the accumulated pressures of life in my business world have kept their claws embedded in certain parts of my non-physical biological anomaly … like nasty little demons who love to hang on ….like some people I once knew …LOL …. but the exercise of my more-than-admirable intellectual capabilities through the medium of blogging is … a good stress reliever …not as good as sex, of course, but good enough. And as for the latter, I am not all that inclined toward those kinds of physical releases anymore because, for one reason, I am getting too damned old to care about such things anymore. LOL.

So if I write a blog about myself, is it true that people will actually read it? The experts seem to think so …. so, here I am!

I will be happy enough to just share my thoughts and to connect with other people who might think in ways similar to the ways I think … but that is going to be a difficult call because the way I think is complex … very complex … almost as complex as the universe created through the practice of the principles of morphological analytics. But if there are brothers and sisters out there in the blogger universe who are somewhat akin to my eccentric manifestations of mental imagery and my somewhat surreal concepts …. then welcome aboard!

I will bare my soul looking for other people who share at least a modicum of my mindset or people who might enjoy the things that I have to say or who just enjoy the way that I do express myself. The exclamation, “Do you ever read what that crazy bastard has to say?” in reference to myself by others will be treated with the deepest honor and highest respect because it will have hit who I am on the head like a hammer hits a nail … and it will please me to the point of my having a fit of shivers of pleasure running along my spine and out my ears … or my ass .. whichever is affected the most by the sensation. LOL.

I am not going to sell anything on this blog and I damned well am not going to blog in order to make money from it because I am somewhat overloaded with money as it is. I just want to get my voice out there because I am, among other things, vain as hell …and I need a lot of attention and stroking …so now that we have gotten the purest form of honesty out of the way … let us move on.

The biggest honor I can think of about being a blogger is that if I were able to connect with a whole bunch of people who share some degree of some of my attitudes and opinions about things and who would, in turn, tell their friends, family and associates about me … and they too would read my blog … well if that happens I am going to be in dog heaven, I will tell you that much.

A lot of my personality these days is tied up in political blogging and I know that people get tired of hearing all the political shit going on all the time, everywhere they look or bend their ears … but when something sounds or looks to me like it is important, the I am going to wax political just to relieve the pressures off myself but also maybe to connect with somebody else who sees things the same way … or even a similar way . .. because we are all in this thing together, friends, and we need to be pulling for each other instead of fighting each other.

As a political type, I travel many and varied roads …sometimes I am Liberal as hell … other times I find things that Conservatives have to say that seem helpful or interesting … a lot of the time I try to be centrist or “Middle of The Road” but that is getting harder and harder to do in today’s severely-divided and most contentious world. The one thing I am not is a conspiracy nut. I do like to play with conspiracies sometimes to see where they might lead me … and I will comment on them from time to time …. and I might even invent on once in awhile …but for the most part, I think conspiracy theories and the people who think conspiracies are straight out of the Mouth of God are crazier than Hell … and I stay away from them as much as I can … even thought I admit that some of them are intriguing from time to time. (That is one of the reasons that I am fond of reading Tabloid newspapers …. Tabloids really are better, sometimes than just something to wipe an ass with.

If you have been around me for any length of time, you will already have read some of what I just wrote and if you have not been around me for any length of time then maybe I have said something you will find to be interesting … or at worse, something that might have offended you enough to make you think about a few things

In any case I thank you for your attention and now I am going to post this blog and be utterly amazed as I look at my blog statistics page and discover that at least one or two other bloggers have already “Liked” this post even though there is no way in hell that they would have had the time to actually read it before they hit that “Like” button. I am still trying to figure out what it is that they get from being so attached to the idea that they absolutely must hit the like button the second my post appears. Even I am not fast enough to do that!

Trump-Appointed DHS Watchdog Reportedly Halted Attempts To Retrieve Erased Phone Calls

I might have expected to read that some Trumper inside the government would be responsible for trying to fuck up attempts by interested parties to retrieve so-called “Erased” messages from Secret Service telephones — and it appears that I might have been correct in my expectations.

Read More Here

At this point I cannot help but wonder how many Trump appointees, totally loyal to the former president are still entrenched in the government, doing their best to cover anything pertaining to the insurrection of January 6th up as tightly as possible.

I’m Not Going To Live Long Enough

I am not going to live long enough to see Google indexing this damned blog.
I have published 70 or so articles on it so far and so far Google has indexed just one of them.

WordPress.Com “Happiness Engineers” inform me that it takes 4 to 6 weeks for Google to start indexing a blog such as mine.

Well, it’s been 4 weeks so I guess I will have to wait for two more weeks to see results.

But my money is on the fact that when the added two weeks has passed nothing will change.

I don’t know what the problem is.

There are blogs on Google that use a lot more profanity than I do and who say a lot crazier things that I do and they have more than a Thousand index indicators each ….

Maybe it is because I am fat.

Maybe it is because I do not try to coat the truth with shit.

Maybe it is because I am unlucky.

Maybe it was because I was fool enough to part with the One Hundred and Eighty Dollars to get this damned thing onto WordPress.Com for a year …. when it used to be Thirty-Six dollars.

I know it is a little frustrating.

But maybe I will keep on trying for awhile longer. I have had three days this month (July) when 21 people (Or 21 electronic bots) have given me evidence that something has an eye on me.

Oh well…. onward … and with a little luck … maybe even upward too …

Maybe I should change this “Opinion” blog to an “Adult” blog and start writing profanely titillating sex stories or something.