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31 August 2022

Awoke early to a breakfast of biscuits, hot milk gravy and sausage patties.

Took shower …. decided to order some new bath towels … I am looking for the plushest that can be found … I like a towel that actually dries the person … they are few and far between ….they can be found in luxury hotels…. and, hopefully, on Amazon.

Accompanied friend and chauffeur of 22 years to the automobile refinishing shop to have the limo covered with their patented “Diamond Glaze” process … this is a process that affixes a coat of very tough, very glossy, very hard when it dries substance that makes a vehicle look as new as the day it was first purchased.

The specialists at this shop also cleaned and sanitized the interior of the vehicle and added a special coating to the windshield that deflects rain.

The engine was also cleaned and some anti rust compound applied to the under carriage.

While this was going on, we walked to a nearby shopping mall to browse the shops and we finally ended up at the “Bonefish Grill” which is a rather upscale establishment where the food is actually “Prepared and Presented” in portion and array such as might have been accomplished by a skillful chef.

We had the Codfish fillets, breaded and deep-fried with some french fried potatoes.  The restaurant provided us with a complimentary loaf of in-house-baked bread with a dipping oil that consisted of basil, olive oil, a little fragrant vinegar and a hint of sea salt.  It was magnificent.

The “Fish and Chips” was presented on a table with a linen cloth, on fine bone china, near a flickering candle lamp arranged on the plate in gourmet fashion. The fish and potatoes were also on top of traditional butchers paper in the style of the fish and chips one gets in The United Kingdom, and there was a wedge of fresh lemon on the plate along with some in-house-prepared tartar sauce that was to die for.

Following the meal, we sauntered over to a nice specialty shop where I purchased Four crystal drinking glasses.  The glasses were stemware and were done in the fashion of a replication of the kind of glass that might have graced tables at Versailles in France during the reign of kings. These goblets hold 8 ounces and can be used for almost anything ….anything from liquid repasts to ice cream sundaes …etc.  I fell instantly in love with them.  I think they were $29.99 each and well worth it for the touch of elegance it will add to our table at home.

That was about the extent of my travels for the day.

Conservatives Live In A Mindless Existence

I believe that in order to be completely safe in today’s virulent and divisive political atmosphere, it is extremely important for Liberals and Progressives to be fully aware of how just mindless right wing Conservatives have become in recent years.

Today’s Republican Party is certainly nowhere near the Party of Reagan.  It is fast becoming more like the party of Hungarian Dictator Viktor Orban.

Orban is the authoritarian Hungarian dictator who dismantled his country’s democracy and now operates as more or less supreme leader. READ IT HERE.

Orban was also one of the featured speakers at the Republican Party’s CPAC where he received standing ovations while talking about how the government of Hungary is run under his control.

This makes me believe that the mindless (Mind-numbed) radical factions of American Conservatism are wet-dreaming about turning The United States into an authoritarian government with a strong dictator at its head….I believe that  a man like former President Trump would fill the bill for that role nicely.

Remember that when you go to the polls to vote again …. that is, unless all the right wing gerrymandering and all their voter suppression efforts prevents you from voting again …. which is something I think they are working their asses off to achieve…. so they can stack the deck in the favor in the next election …. which I believe is their obsessive mindset.

Those Pesky Lottery Scratch Off Tickets

I am telling you, friends, if you should happen to hit a winner on one of those Lottery scratch off tickets — and there are a lot of those tickets that offer the opportunity to strike a million dollar win — and if you should happen to win a million on one of them. it is not worthwhile to even go and claim the prize because after they collect taxes on your winnings all you are going to end up with is a paltry Four Hundred, Thirty-Nine Thousand Dollars ($439,000.00).

And if you come home with a check for that amount, it won’t be long before your friends and family will have you broke again.

Not worth the time and trouble if you ask me.

Now if you are lucky enough to win a Billion dollars, then that is a different story altogether.  In that case, I would make effort to secure my winnings. But for a paltry million?  No way!

Another Mini Blog Post

I seem to be on a tangent with this mini blog stuff …

Anyway —- Since I believe that the word, “Conservative” as applied to the definition of a political ideology has taken on a meaning so close to the common vulgar word we all refer to as “The ‘F’ word”, I would like to know if it would be possible to have the word, “Conservative” (As applied to politics) re-categorized as profanity and stricken from all the school books, dictionaries, thesauruses, and other educational materials — for the good of the morals of our generations?  I am not advocating that the use of the word be forbidden because I believe in the First Amendment.  But I think it should be reclassified and redefined as near pornographic expressionism, and be treated as such in the vernacular of social communication.

Just A Note About Those Mar A Lago Documents

File this post under “Mini Blog”

I do hope that while the FBI and the Department of Justice are looking at those classified materials they took from Mar A Lago, they are also doing some forensic fingerprint work to determine if and/or how many times those documents have been handled by individuals.  It would be interesting to find out how many fingers have touched that classified information, don’t you think?  Is it possible to retrieve human DNA samples from them as well to find out how many unauthorized people might have seen them… read them … taken notes from them … copied them ….????

Questions About Economic Inflation Raise Terrors In The Hearts of Victims

It is no longer news that The United States is going through a troublesome period of inflation … perhaps even the worst bout of inflation in decades.

So there are naturally going to be a lot of anxiety and trepidation about this state of affairs… especially among the citizenry, so let us explore some of these concerns a little bit in the hopes of getting a better grasp on what is happening and what can be done about it.

As prices soar and the value of wages and income decline under inflation’s various pressures, some people begin to worry if they will be able to make it through the duration of the problem.  The specter of losing everything ever worked for raises its ugly head in some households, and the threat of being impoverished becomes a very real potential for many … especially for those in the lower wage-earning categories.  “If this keeps up, we are going to lose everything we have and be out on the streets” is something that I am hearing from more and more concerned people these days.

Then there is the concern among a lot of families that they might have to seek assistance from welfare departments or charities or from neighbors and friends or from food stamps and other such relief programs.  In fact, even now, as I write, there are some people who have never in their lives sought help from these resources but who are now appearing at good giveaways in their late model automobiles, loading up on free food … and I see more and more people in the grocery stores agonizing over the fact that their welfare food purchase  cards have expired and they stand helplessly by the check-out as store clerks restock the items they are unable to afford.

If inflation continues unabated, at the levels where it is today, and if we get a Republican administration elected in 2024, millions of the families that I have been talking about here are going to find themselves in impossible circumstances because it is a Republican  “Thing” to dismantle as many social safety net programs, such as welfare and social security, as possible with no concern at all to the suffering it imposes on those who are either financially disadvantaged or those who are forced to survive from miserly paycheck to paycheck.

Even with this being the case, millions of devoted Right Wing Conservatives will still ignore all thought of personal loss and suffering and will rush out and vote for their Republican overlords anyway.  They have shown a history of shooting themselves in the foot at the voting booths.  The trouble is that when they vote against their best self interests in this way, they are voting for misery to descend on all the rest of us as well.

But you cannot reason with such people because they have listened to the Conservative poison long enough that I believe their brains are no longer capable of proper functioning .. and that they are trapped in an alternate universe of facts of their own making …and that they have lost all grasp on reality .. and they live in a wishful make-believe world where the promises of such people as former President Trump and His associates and followers offer a glowing promise of hope that fades quickly in the clouds of realization …

And then they blame democrats for everything.

But blaming democrats does not solve their problems.


Leave Trump Alone Or There Will Be Riots In The Streets

The following is a quote:  “Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday warned of “riots in the streets” if former President Trump is prosecuted for his handling of classified materials found when the FBI searched his Mar-a-Lago home. ” (END OF QUOTE).

The quote I just quoted came from here …

Here is another quote:  “”If there is a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle… there’ll be riots in the streets,” Graham told Gowdy, who led the infamous House GOP Benghazi hearings.” (END OF QUOTE.)

Here is where I got the quote that I just quoted above:

Are we ready for that?  Are we ready for riots in the streets if the U.S. Government tries to hold Trump accountable for anything?  Why don’t we just drop all this investigation stuff and leave the poor old man alone?

I mean, after all, he is going to be our president again in 2024, isn’t he?

Is it just me, folks, or did it seem like America was a lot better off before Trump walked down that escalator and declared his candidacy for the presidency?

I Want To Make Mention

If you are interested in some lively debating online, then I am pleased to refer you to the blog entitled “Citizen Tom.’

The blog, “Citizen Tom,” is masterfully written and the author seems to me to have an unimpeachable command of the subject matter — from his perspective.

I do not personally particularly agree with some of the positions that Tom takes in his blog  but this is The United States of America and I feel strongly that all viewpoints need to be aired and discussed fully because that is what I think real democracy is all about.

So please take the time to visit with “Citizen Tom” and I am sure you will be glad that you did.

As for me?  Well, I do appreciate the effort but I am not really into debating on a blog.

Mar A Lago Reported To Be A Magnet For Foreign Spies

(QUOTE) —”

“Any competent foreign intelligence service” was interested in trying to gain access to Mar-a-Lago, said Peter Strzok….” (END OF QUOTE)
Now, please take a few moments to read THIS ARTICLE and then come back to the blog here and continue.
Now let us consider this also —- “Is Chinese intelligence attempting to infiltrate Mar-a-Lago? The answer to that is almost certainly yes. And so is every other foreign intelligence service. That’s just business as usual.”
You can find the above quotation in an eye-opening thriller RIGHT HERE and I strongly suggest that everyone read it
Now go ahead and put two and two together, remembering, as you go, that there is now strong interest by Federal agencies as to why certain classified documents had been transferred to Mar A Lago and stored there.
While you are at it, ask yourself this question, ” How many foreign agents have already read over those documents at Mar A Lago?  All of them?  Some of them? None of them?
Is there the remotest possibility that some of the most critical secrets of The United States are now in the hands of foreign agents?  Was that Russian TV host who bragged openly that — and I quote — “Hosts on Russia’s state-owned Russia-1 television channel said that officials in Moscow have already been “studying” top secret and other classified documents the FBI sought through a search warrant of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort home.
Related article ….RIGHT HERE.
Can you believe the possible nightmare surrounding all this stuff? And the Republicans are trying to make light of all this and give the impression that there is nothing worth considering in any of what has happened here?