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First of all, we need to consider something that Adolph Hitler once wrote in his book, “Mein Kampf” —-” Through the clever and constant application of propaganda people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” (Mein Kampf, 1923.)

If you can remember anything about the Trump administration that we endured for 4 long years, before the attempted insurrection on January 6th, you will also remember that that administration and its great leader were really experts in using that same kind of propaganda … but it was edited and revised to fit the situation that we found ourselves in during that administration.

Nevertheless, it was just as effective then in the previous administration as it was back in 1938 and 39 and j just as effective as it still is today as the Republicans seem to have adopted it as their major mass communication modus operandi.

The Republicans’ refined and modernized propaganda machine actually brainwashed more than 70 million Americans into believing that the Trump administration was akin to the Second Coming of Christ.  And a dangerous number of them still believe it.

Trump himself never articulated the belief that he was the King of Israel or the Second Coming of God but it is apparent that millions of Americans must believe that he is because, in my opinion, their fanatic devotion to him does sort of elevate him to the position of deity.

So are the Republicans drifting toward fascism? “While no two fascist movements are entirely alike, during fascism’s heyday in the 1920s and 30s, they shared several common themes. All of those themes are present in today’s Republican Party.” That was a quote from “Alternet.”  Read more about this on ALTERNET.



You have probably heard about the “Dark Money” that gets poured into America’s elections but have you ever wondered where all that dark money comes from?

Just because dark money donors are not required to identify themselves it does not mean that they are unknown,

If you are at all interested in where dark money comes for American elections you can find out a lot about it  here … Learn where that dark money comes from.

Now you know where some of it comes from.

So is it time to kill the dark money monster in American politics or not? I believe Chuq thinks it is!

What do YOU think?


I had this weird idea when the United Nations first started operations, way back when, that it was an organization that could prevent innocent people from dying in harsh wars between nations.

Now that Russia has decided to rape Ukraine and kill innocent civilians in their unprovoked war against Ukraine, what is the United Nations doing about it all?  Where are the UN “Peace Keepers?”  Where is that coalition of international forces contesting the Russian right to do what they have been doing in Ukraine?

Is the United Nations actually an obsolete body whose time has passed and which is nothing more than a bunch of old men doing a lot of talking and taking no meaningful action against aggression in the world?

If what I have just suggested is true, then what justification is there for refusing to replace that expensive damned UN headquarters with an apartment complex or a shopping mall?

If it is not true– what I said — then when in the hell are we going to see something from the United Nations that will actually live up to the challenge of their original charter in the Ukrainian problem?

Has the United Nations now become the same as the now defunct old League of Nations?


The people in Washington who run our foreign policy seem to me to be a party obsessed more with wars than with protecting our citizens and I suspect that it might have something to do with insuring continuing profits for the Industrial/Military Complex that President Eisenhower tried to warn us about.

Given the proclivity of modern American foreign policy strategists, it would seem to me that The U.S., government which always seems to be “Protecting” democracies in some far-off corner of the world is not advocating very well for policies that would secure our own citizens here on American soil.  I mean I think we have been doing some things lately that look to me like some kind of foreign roulette games that could get us involved in disastrous conflict … things like continuing to push the boundaries with Russia by supplying Ukraine with bigger and better battlefield weapons on a continuing basis.  I see threats to our own national security in those kinds of actions.

I see threats to our national economic welfare in such actions as these.  I see a possibility of seeing our economy bankrupted by endless foreign spending.  I hope our national return on investment in foreign entanglements is massive enough to keep us afloat for the long term … but I do worry about it.

I hear that America now has a national debt somewhere in the close neighborhood of 30-Trillion dollars … and climbing.  That, my friends, is not chump change! That is a challenging amount of debt even in the best of times.  But the powers that be do not seem to be concerned, so why should I?

Our foreign policy priorities are in drastic need of change.

Congress keeps talking about ways and means to reduce the national debt but so far it appears that none of all that talk has produced anything promising.  Congress does love to talk, don’t they?

Will the USA ever pay off the national debt?  It depends on a number of things.

Right now, I believe that the government is spending more than it takes in. I see evidence that we are borrowing heavily from overseas governments to meet operating expenses and to fund our overseas wars and involvement in wars. I believe our national budget is probably negative right now in all aspects and on all fronts.

So how do we fix it?

The Republicans have an answer.  They believe they can fix it by giving rich people astronomical tax breaks and by making everybody else pay for those tax breaks.

That is why we need a government willing to share the wealth and that works to close the ever-widening gap between the rich and the lower classes.

That would be democrats at this juncture.





The Republicans have come up with another plan (Platform) on which to run in the next elections and they are calling it, “The Republican Commitment To America.”

Here is my summation of what it all means, this “Republican Commitment To America.” —

It means that the Republicans are once again (As they unfailingly always are) committed to ensuring huge tax breaks for the rich by means of egregious sacrifices on the part of everybody else.

It gets no more complex than that!

You are welcome.


I had been eating a couple of cups of brown rice for breakfast and all of a sudden I am reading on the Internet and I discover that brown rice contains arsenic of all things — arsenic, a deadly poison — but apparently alright if consumed in small enough quantities.

Then I discovered that chicken is tainted with arsenic too.  So between the rice and chicken, I have a problem that could lead to heart disease and liver problems and all kinds of other ailments if I eat too much of them.

I had been over eating on the rice because I read that it helps to lose weight and I am overweight … all the damned time.

So now I am switching to oatmeal and eggs for breakfast.  God only knows what problems I will have with those two things.  I am sure there will be something.

I am getting to the point where I believe that anything we eat can kill us over a period of time.  The amount of additives and preservatives in our food are surely enough that we will not to have an undertaker embalm us when we are dead because by that time the food additives will have us all well pickled in the first place.

Did I mention that there is often lead in drinking water … and tap water probably contains trace amounts of every drug that everybody in our community takes each day ….so I must be well inoculated against almost every known medical condition by now.

And don’t even get me started talking about the disgusting things that can be found in restaurant food …READ MORE HERE.

I always examine everything I eat very carefully.  People always stare at me wondering what in the hell I am doing.  But I am not about to unwittingly bite down on another used bandage while eating a hamburger sandwich at some fast food restaurant.





Have you noticed lately that every time you read or listen to a news program they finally get around to reminding us all that The United States is in the middle of one kind of serious financial crisis or another?

Right now our serious financial crisis is inflation and high prices.  I remember when our serious financial crisis was about not having enough money to keep the government running.  There was a time when our serious financial crisis was that Social Security was going to run out of money.  There has always been some kind of serious financial crisis going on.  I can’t remember a day in my life when there has not been one.  Workers have never been able to earn enough money to make a decent living — the poor have always been the victims of the rich …the gulf between rich and poor has always been at near catastrophic levels …yet, for all this, we have managed, somehow, to get through it all more or less intact.

I am beginning to believe that there is some magic formula that somebody has worked out to make enormous profits for themselves by keeping The United States in a constant state of a dire financial crisis.  What other explanation is possible?

The political parties like to blame each other for fiscal instability.  But the political parties never seem to be the victims of financial instability because who do you know has more money than politicians?  That cannot be the answer.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, I remember my dad, a working manual laborer, was always complaining about how high prices were on everything we had to buy. He loved to tell us, “A poor man can hardly make it anymore because of those rich Democrats in Washington and those union workers always getting those big raises in their paychecks.” (Daddy was a diehard Republican all his life.) (Daddy only made it through the Third grade at school.)

Regardless of those high prices caused by the rich damned democrats and the auto workers and their big pay raises, we always managed to have three good meals a day on our table, a roof over our heads, gas in our Model T Ford car, shoes on our feet, coal in our stoves, food for the dog and a little left over to go to a movie now and then.

We were supposed to be in a constant state of financial crisis but we somehow managed to live a more or less comfortable life.  None of us ever experienced the pangs of hunger or the chill of an unheated home.

The same attitudes seemed to have followed me through all the years since. When I was one of those damned auto workers in the 1970s, getting those big union pay raises, we were still in a financial crisis.  Prices were still high and getting higher all the time.  But we somehow managed to live comfortably and get by, as they say.

Right now, right now in 2022 it is the same damned argument.  The poor get poorer and the rich get richer and the working person can’t make it on the wages they receive.  But I don’t know of a single working person who isn’t driving a car, eating every day, going home to a telephone in every room and at least two television sets blaring expensive cable TV programs …

The argument about the sad state of our finances is getting to be a little boring to me because I have heard it all for a long long long time now and nothing ever seems to change.

People are never satisfied.

I haven’t seen many Americans rummaging through the garbage looking for scraps of food either. That is something they do on a regular basis in some third-world countries.

Can anybody explain any of this confusion to me?





I see that The United States is involved in a war between Ukraine and Russia and that we are sending seemingly endless amounts of military equipment and money to help Ukraine in their efforts to protect themselves.

For those who argue that we are not involved, let me give an illustration to explain why we are involved.

Suppose there was some kid who was getting his ass kicked by a big bully and the kid had little or nothing to defend himself with.

Suppose that a good samaritan came along and gave the kid a big club with which to defend himself and he went ahead and beat the bully up.

While the bully had the big mouth and the big fists and had nothing in his way to continue beating the little kid, the bully thought that everything was going well.

But when the samaritan came along and gave the poor little kid the big stick, the bully started complaining that the samaritan was involved and was responsible for the black eye that the little kid gave him with the big stick the samaritan had supplied.

The question is moot as to whether the samaritan was involved in the conflict between the kid and the bully.  There is no doubt in my mind that the samaritan was heavily involved in bringing about the defeat of the bully and was, in fact, fighting alongside the kid by reason of his contributions to the fray.

So we can paint the picture any way we want to paint it, the fact is … as I see it, that we are, indeed, actively engaged in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia by our continued sending all the money and the weapons to Ukraine to be used in their struggle against the invading bully.

I keep hearing information suggesting that we plan to keep supplying all that help to Ukraine, but I have yet to hear when and how we might stop doing all that and try to get things here at home back to some form of normal.

We seem to have plans to stay in this fray for as long as it takes but I have yet to hear about some kind of plan for us to withdraw from it all eventually.  It doesn’t make sense to me to have a plan for participation without some kind of withdrawal strategy.

I contend that we need an exit strategy and owing to the increasing danger of being involved, we need it fast!

Our government here in America is supposed to be in the business of protecting us and our fellow citizens .. not getting us into situations that might end up with calamitous consequences.

Given the revealed nature of the aggressor in the Ukraine/Russian situation, I do not think there will ever be any viable military solution to the problem and that somewhere along the line, negotiations between all the parties are going to be required to prevent something really catastrophic from happening to everybody involved.

How long will it be before both parties to this conflict bankrupt themselves totally and thus endanger the security and safety for all their citizens?  How many must die before the powers that be realize the absolute folly of war itself?  Has History taught no lesson that has been learned?

The insanity on both sides must cease.



The American democracy is dependent upon the voting booth and on the will of the citizens ….that is the case in theory anyway …but I contend that the citizens in a democracy are more important than either the voting booth or the offices that the voting booths are built to fill. In a democracy or in a democratic republic, the citizens himself and herself supersede in importance all other things up to and including the government itself.  There is even a commitment in the constitution to that very fact … that the will of the people is sacrosanct and that the government is in submission to that will.

There are some forces at play in today’s politics that might challenge what I just said.  There are some people alive today and active in politics who think that they are more important than either the other citizens or the government and in some cases their actions have proven it out. When you hear a high-placed political figure make such statements as “I am the only one who can fix a broken government” then you have a prime example of what I am illustrating here.

Therefore, if we are to have an effective government that is worth the paper it is written on, then the citizens have an absolute obligation to keep themselves well informed, educated, up-to-date and aware of the truth about everything that affects them in their daily lives.

But because of all the hype, the propaganda, the bias in all the popular media and In all the speeches and publications of all the politicians, the would-be politicians, the dissenters, the dissatisfied, and all others with a political agenda or bias, it has become egregiously difficult, in the modern times, when technology rules everything and makes every day a day of informational overload for anyone without a degree in political science to do a good job of keeping themselves up-to-snuff on facts that concern the various shades of their governance.

So the typical voter has turned to so-called “Alternative” sources for their news and information.  They are depending on what their peers and neighbors, friends and associates are telling them. They are blindly voting for their own political parties no matter what … just like their parents always did … often without a hint of truthful information about either candidates or issues.

Today there is a growing mistrust of the way in which various elements concerned with our politics are interpreting the constitution and the laws of the nation … not only mistrust but often misunderstanding … there are people who wish to interpret the constitution in the exact way that the writers wrote it … these are called “Originalists” and there are people who believe that the constitution should “Evolve” to better meet the needs of a changing societal paradigm as time moves forward and there are people who would like to burn the whole governmental structure to the ground and start from scratch with something else entirely.  We are living in perilous times for ourselves and all our citizens.

It would be a good thing if our elected officials actually took the time to read through all the bills that cross their desks before approving them or disproving them and it would be a better thing if, by some miracle, our contemporary elected officials could shy away from their “My Way Or The Highway” methodology in their sham negotiations and discussions about issues before the congress and learn to share gains and losses in the old fashioned way of governing called “Compromise.”

Democracy in America has become a farcical political theater catering to the upper classes and demanding more of the lower class citizens to feed the material lusts of the rich and super-rich and to use fear and distraction as weapons with which to cement the future for an America that will, by no means and in no manner resemble the America we know today.

Everybody seems to be to trying to escape reality in the political world and are drifting into fantastic alternate universes of their own construct.  This is being done by run-away revisionism, disassociation, fabrication and lately insurrection to one degree or another …insurrection in the halls of congress against established norms and insurrection against all that has traditionally been sacred all across the nation.

It is a slow beginning but there is, right at this moment, a revolution taking place.  So far it has been more or less peaceful but it is persistent, it is widespread and it is slowly gaining momentum. It is cultural as well as political and one sweet day we are going to awaken to an America we never dreamed would ever be possible and I do not believe that it is going to be a very good experience for most of us.






In the near future, I will write a post about this:

“America has become too large and the information system has become too corrupt and the voter has become too uninformed or misinformed …this country will soon be ungovernable if it isn’t already .. and we will all wake up one morning and wonder who it was that stole our democracy”

In the meantime, perhaps you, my beloved readers can begin the writing of it for me.