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Exorcizing Fake Followers

In the past couple of weeks, I have gotten a carload of new “Followers” whose blogs either are non-existent or have nothing to do with the topics that I blog about or they have a blog with no entries or just a couple of entries that never change. These are fake followers and I imagine they are just following me so that they can get more exposure on the Internet. Almost every one of them is peddling something for sale.

Today, in an effort to prevent more of these fakes from signing onto my blog, I have removed the “Subscribe By E-Mail” and the “Follow” button. I don’t know if that will do any good or not. Maybe I shouldn’t even be concerned.

GAS PRICES AT THE PUMP — When you feel like agreeing with the semi-literate radical republicans that high gas prices at the pump are somehow the fault of President Biden, consider this: It has been reported that the giant oil conglomerates are using the excuse of rampant inflation to pocket huge profits for themselves … the figure that I hear being bounced around for the last quarter is nearly 10 billion dollars profit for Big Oil.

It has been the government’s policy to give Big Oil whatever they ask for in the way of tax abatements and so forth so since there seems to be some gouging of consumers right now, how about a windfall profits tax on their asses …. a significant and meaningful windfall profits tax. How about that?

LAST WORD — Let me share my last words for this evening. I want to talk about Halloween and Trick or Treating. Nobody likes candy and trick or treats more than I do. I have never grown up about Halloween and Christmas and Valentine’s day and all those wonderful things.

So I sat down and began to think about what I was going to dress up like this Halloween.

I finally arrived at a conclusion. I would get some horned-rimmed glasses and some faggot-looking tight jeans, a gun, a bible, and a flag and dress up as a MAGA Right Winger this year, My fake buck teeth and the baseball cap worn backward would complete my MAGA look.

But I had to abandon this plan for my costume this season because …after I had gotten all the clothing and the props right, I discovered that it was impossible for me to stick my head up my ass.

Maybe it is for the best.

I Want To Go “Foodie” For A Minute

Something I tried and found to be delicious … sautee some fresh mushrooms and white onions in butter until tender and add them to a can of prepared cream of mushroom soup which has milk as its base instead of water. Heat and eat.

Quick and delicious sausage gravy for biscuits — Take a can of cream of chicken soup and before you add any water or milk to it, add some crumbled-up pork sausage that has been cooked brown and stir well … then add two teaspoons flour and then add enough milk to make it the consistency that you desire, heat it up on a stove and serve over your biscuits.

When you are eating cream of mushroom soup or cream of chicken soup, use bite-size shredded wheat instead of crackers or croutons.

For really super mashed potatoes, add at least a whole stick of real country butter to every 4 potatoes. They will be yellow and … out of this world delicious.


Everybody who knows me knows that I am eccentric as hell. It comes from me having to bear the very challenging burdens associated with going from an ordinary low-class hourly laborer to a relatively wealthy individual … almost overnight. I remember when I tried to be normal once. It was the most interesting two minutes of my life.

When I first laid a finger to a computer keyboard some 12 years so, I desperately wanted to be an example to other people. But as time went by, I did manage to become an example to other people but more often than not it has been a bad example that I have set. Who wants to take advice from an 84-year-old eccentric fart after all?

So the experts — what the hell ever an expert is ….always tell us that when we write a blog we should write the blog with the idea of helping somebody out in one way or another. So with that in mind, I would like to help everybody out right now … just tell me which way you came in…. I will point you in the right direction ….

My conservative friends …. and that is a purposeful oxymoron because I am not friends with any conservatives that I am aware of … are always telling me how gullible I am for promoting my progressive agenda. Well, I will admit that I am gullible sometimes but you have to realize that I was born very early in my life and that probably accounts for a lot of it.

Just remember that I am a fair man if nothing else. When I write a post on my blog I want you to know, without a hint of doubt in your mind, that I never fail to respect the opinions of everyone who agrees with me.

I have been wrestling lately with the disdain I have for most conservatives. I always wondered why my progressive views always seem to clash with conservatives. I know that conservatives are always talking about their plans for America without telling prospective voters any details of those plans. Then it occurred to me that the very word, “Conservative” indicates the true worth of their agenda …”Conservative” after all means “Not Very Much.”

OPINION: Into The Fray Another Day

So here we are, happily entrenched in another new day — a day when various and sundry new variations of the covid-19 plague are running amok along with another malady called “RSV” (or what the hell ever) and, on top of those, the fucking “Flu” that comes around every year.

We are in for a “Triple-demic” of potentially life-threatening shit this year and there are still literally millions of knuckle-dragging neanderthals out there who refuse to do even the least they can do to keep from catching these things and spreading them to everybody else.

As we pack ourselves into the supermarkets and the theaters and the nightclubs and everywhere else, we are often toe to toe with at least one of these super-spreading morons and if they breathe on us, God help us!

Get the vaccinations, you damnable idiots and save your own asses and mine in the bargain! I wish to hell sometimes that The United States had an attitude similar to that of the Chinese government concerning diseases that pose a dire public threat …a “Zero-Tolerance” program where the anti-vaccination cousins to the bucktoothed hunting hound on top of the kitchen table crowd would be forced to get their shots whether they like it or not.

I wish it were possible to sue some of these mindless right-wing radical (Unspeakable expletive) who get in your face with their infections, casually coughing and wheezing their germs and viruses all over whoever gets in their path. I mean to say, such assholes are a threat to public health and safety after all. If they have kids then they also need to be charged with child endangerment and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. While I have been writing this, I think I have just discovered a new and practical use for Guantanamo Bay.

I have no argument with saying that people have a right to refuse to be vaccinated or locked down. I have no argument with that at all. They do have their freedoms after all. But I also think that when such dirtbags deliberately go about spreading their diseases casually to the rest of society, then the rest of society has a right to be protected from their cavalier asses!

Americans have grown understandably tired and fatigued by all this pandemic and they are now starting to stick their heads into the sand, pretending that it is all over now and that it is safe to ignore it once again. The problem with that is that it is not all over yet and if people continue to act like fools about it then we are in for some really rough sledding as the winter season approaches. Are you ready to read about another Million of your fellow citizens dying because of the ignorant actions of a relative few? I’m not but what the hell are we going to do about it? Our government doesn’t seem to have what it takes to protect us from all this shit and all these idiots.

Why does American youth look positively at socialism when it has been a miserable failure in Eastern Europe and East Asia?

Sometimes you find a hidden gem and here is one …

Arthyr's Home on the web

Sigh, here we go again…

Listen, Americans don’t have a fucking clue what Socialism is, but then neither does anyone else, because it’s never actually been tried in the history of Humanity.

The crap the USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, People’s Republic of China, etc engage in is a hybrid of oligarchy, plutocracy, anocracy, fascism and kleptocracy, nothing more, nothing less, and it is NOT on the “Left” they are all on the “Right”.

How can I say that? Well, it’s real simple for those with brains. There is NO authoritarianism on the left. The further left you go, the further towards anarchy you are.

Political Spectrum, Left to Right

Anarchy — Direct Democracy — Communism — Socialism — Indirect Democracy — Temporary Dictatorship (one appointed for a set amount of time during times of war kind of thing) — Anocracy (Hybrid of Indirect Democracy and Dictatorship) — Enlightened Dictatorship…

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According to sources, Russia claims that its 300-thousand-person reinforcement of its military forces fighting in Ukraine is nearing completion now and is expected to be finished within the next two weeks.

Other news outlets have been describing the situation for the conscripts being sent to the front lines by Putinorangutan saying they are inexperienced and ill-equipped cannon fodder.

Sounds good to this blogger.

A reputable military analyst has told at least one U.S.-based News Organization that Putin is sending his troops into a “Meat Grinder.”

My personal opinion? My personal opinion is “Grind away, Putin. Grind away!”

A little aside here if I may …. When you go to cast your votes in the upcoming elections remember that if the Republicans take control of your government again, there is a certain influential part of your government that some people refer to affectionately as “The Putin Party” and if they get the chance or see the need, I think they would follow Putin’s example when sending your own American Military Heros into battle. Try to remember that if you love your American Military members.


Here is one that I thought might interest some people who like the thought of living a little longer. A recent study has shown that people who live under the domination of Republican political policies have a greater chance of dying premature deaths than those who live under Liberal policies. Some of the problem rests with Republican efforts to cut back on Medicare and Medicaid services, their efforts to ignore the climate warming crisis, their ignorant approaches to public health issues (such as their cavalier approach to vaccinations for pandemics), and their fights against workplace safety laws … to name a few.

Even with this knowledge in hand … it appears that far too many Americans are now poised to snub their noses at the idea of democracy in the United States and to run like lemmings toward the dark chasm of a government like the one that has recently been established in Italy — a really far-right-leaning government. I can never understand why Americans seem more willing to pay more attention to the price of gasoline at the pump than to the danger the Republicans are posing to their freedoms. I can’t understand it, but it looks to me like that is where the national attitude is morphing.

Now there are also reports circulating that talk about how there are a bunch of right-wing extremists and neo-nazis who are suspected of planning attacks against the energy sector and who, in some cases, may have already carried out some of these destructive attacks already. “Newsweek” reportedly talked about this some time ago, detailing attacks by these kinds of extremist groups against electric transformers and gas pipelines. Putin and the Putin faction in the U.S. government must be groping themselves over this kind of news.

Now that Elon Musk has finally completed his purchase of Twitter, I guess you could say that Twitter is now privately owned. And, if Twitter is, indeed, privately owned, then I also guess that whoever uses Twitter will have to subject themselves to whatever rules Twitter wishes to put into place .. including whatever degree of censorship the owner sees fit to impose on users …and I am not the richest man on the face of the earth, but if it were me, I would also make sure that my new Twitter toy would follow my personal agenda and my personal political views just as surely as Fox News once was reported to have followed the dictates of what’s his name that owned it. So I guess I am going to wait and see how it all works out and maybe I will keep my Twitter account and maybe I won’t.

The new British Prime Minister has reportedly pulled Great Britain out of the big climate summit so let us now wait and see if he tries to pull out of NATO and other such alliances as well. Last night, on the evening news, I heard that former Prince Harry’s new book, “Spare” is about to hit the stands and that King George has requested that publication be delayed until after his coronation. In my mind I am imagining a bombshell of a book and I can’t wait to get my hands onto a copy of it. It is supposed to be more than 400 pages long and is expected to sell for around $36 dollars.

For all those millions of fans of “Liming’s Links,” here is some interesting news about China and the new government there … the not-so-new government that is….I hear that they have rewritten their constitution to claim that Taiwan always has been and always will be subject to Chinese rule and domination. I am thinking that if this has been written into the Chinese constitution, that pretty much settles the question as to whether there will ever be a war over Taiwan’s claim to freedom and that all interested parties had better be getting their military assets modernized as fast as possible. I think the line has been drawn in the sand and that it is only a matter of time now.

Homeless In LA —it appears that some large cities in California are spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars building apartments to house the homeless and that they have discovered the number of homeless that need shelter is growing so fast they cannot keep up with the demand. But that is not what I want to focus on right here … what I want to focus on right here is this: “I think it would serve anyone who is interested in getting something for nothing really well to stop everything and run off to Los Angeles and become homeless. I wouldn’t mind getting a rent-free apartment …. although, at present, I do not have a need for anything free … but all that could change rapidly if the Republicans grab power in Washington again … which it looks like they are about to do …assholes!

Sounds to me like the state of Oregon might be voting on whether or not to make health care into a fundamental human right. I am sure that if something like that were to pass, then it would end with Oregon having a socialized medicine scheme in place …a scheme that would be of immense benefit to the residents of Oregon … like such programs have been great benefits to citizens of the many countries around the world who have already adopted such an idea … England for example …but if anyone ever gets wind of the fact that such a plan would help people who need help, the Republicans will find a way to queer the deal and to make sure it never happens … because that is what Republicans do best.


In case anyone is interested, the annual interest rate that one can expect from One Hundred Million dollars placed into the care of a private client banker (And there is really nowhere else to go with a balance of that magnitude) is, currently, with appropriate investments, somewhere in the ballpark of 6.5% to 8%. At the 6.5% rate, the return on investment for the Hundred Million would amount to Six-Million, Five-Hundred-Thousand dollars … half of which could be rolled back into the interest-bearing investment portfolios and half of which could be placed into the private bank account for casual spending and other expenses.

Passwords — I found a way to make fairly secure passwords and here is my secret. Just make yourself a password consisting of a total of 18 characters consisting of numbers, some upper case letters and some lower case letters, and some special characters. Such a password is said, by experts, to take a hacker more than 400 trillion years to successfully hack. I will not guarantee that to be the truth but that is what the experts seem to be saying. —- Also, it is my personal opinion that it is not wise to store passwords in a special place on a computer. I never ask my computer to save passwords.

Things That Are Starting To Dawn On Me —– When I am shopping at a food store, I look at similar items from different manufacturers. I see a nationally-popular brand of a product at one price and I see the same product from another manufacturer at a lower price. The question becomes whether I should save a few cents and buy the lower-priced item.

Some people argue with me that the more expensive brand is always of higher quality than a lower-priced brand. But then I entertain the perfectly reasonable thought, “Maybe the lower priced brand is as good as or better than the higher priced brand because the lower priced brand has to work harder to gain the public trust. My personal shopper has told me that this has proven true more often than not. Once the chef got done with it, it doesn’t matter what the cost of the item was regardless of the maker because he could work magic on anything. Of course, I never pay much attention to what anything costs because, quite frankly, I don’t have to. LOL.

What Billy Heard —- Billy was out in the woods one day, ready to go down to the creek and take a swim on a hot august day. He was passing a stand of thickly wooded trees when he heard a sound. He was trying to decide if it sounded like a whisper or the wind.

Billy became concerned that what he had heard was a soft voice calling to him from somewhere deep in the wooded area. He stopped in his tracks to strain and try to hear better. He knew he could hear the rustling of the leaves on the ground around the trees. Yes, he could make out the rustling of the leaves, but what about that soft, whispering voice? He called out, “Is anybody there?”

About that time, Billy was startled to see a wild deer slowly walking out of the wooded area, snorting and farting.

So much for the “Mysterious Voice” in the woods!

What John and George Saw —- It was a hot, lazy summer night, and John and his friend, George, were sitting beside the tent, down at the creek, in the woods … and they were gazing up at a brightly lit starry night.

Suddenly, the boys beheld a long streak of firey light streaking across the sky — a streak of light brighter than the stars …. just streaking toward the horizon. “Shooting Star!” George cried out, pointing excitedly upward. “Yeah, that’s it!” John replied … just before there was the sound of an explosion in the distance and the earth shook beneath their feet.

The boys started running out of the woods to see if they could see anything else.

In a few minutes, they saw something alright … they saw flames issuing skyward from a place that seemed only a few hundred feet from where they were standing. Flames and heavy black smoke.

As they drew nearer the flames, they also began to see other things too …pieces of luggage, shreds of clothing, pieces of metal ….and a human hand with a ring on one of the fingers.

That’s when they heard the sirens coming … the fire engines and the police cars , sirens wailing mournfully.

“That was no shooting star!” George exclaimed.

“No, it wasn’t” John replied, tears welling up in his eyes.


The Russians — you remember “The Russians” don’t you? The Russians gave a warning to the West (That be us) that they could decide that our commercial satellites (Those technological marvels in orbit around the earth that support communications systems such as telephones and other such trivial things) are legitimate targets for them to destroy. I am assuming they are saying this because there might be the slightest possibility that the U.S. could be using some of those satellites to gather intelligence for Ukrainian troops in combat zones.

I am not going to come right out on this blog and state unequivocally that our satellites might be helping the Ukrainians in their war against the Russian dickery because if I do that then some other journalistic genius who thinks he (Or she or It as the case might be) is more knowledgeable than myself might come on here and demand that I provide concrete. well-researched and irrefutable “Evidence” that what I am publishing is true .. which I am not about to do because (1) This is an “Opinion” blog and I do not need some other asshole’s permission to express my opinions, which, by the way, are opinions based squarely in the infallible certainty of the Creator Himself (Or Herself as the case may be and (2) It is my blog and I will write it any damned way I choose and if somebody else doesn’t like the way I write or what I write about they can go do things to themselves that are usually impossible for humans to do to themselves … things of a more or less pleasurable self-manipulative nature … but I am, at present, too much of a gentleman to come right out and tell some poor, doddery old numb-nutted wingnut cases to go F themselves.

So let the people who object to the way I write stay the hell off my blog or turn the dial and read something that better serves their libidinal impulses. Over the years I have come to understand that the reason Internet Trolls love to engage me in their ridiculous idiosyncrasies is that they love me and want my body. But that is never going to happen because if I ever need that kind of stimulation, I will just go over to some Right Wing website and fondle myself as I read. (That and toilet tissue is about all most of those radical right-wing sites are good for anyway,) Is that well-researched and authoritative enough for you?

So like I started to say, It is reported (and you can Google it if you want to) that the Russians have told somebody that our satellites might be thought of (By The Russians) as legitimate targets of war and subject to destruction by them. Can you do without your satellite television for a little while folks?

After I read that, I started asking myself, “I wonder if the Russians have any satellites up there in orbit that the United States might consider as legitimate retaliation targets if the Borises decide to get that particular boner and do something rash?”

I wish to hell that we could just walk away from this Ukraine shit but I know the consequences of doing something reckless like that … I think we would just be giving old Poon Tang an open invitation to invade NATO or, perhaps, even Alaska …and I am getting to the point these days when I am starting to get little wiggly sensations in the middle of my anal opening suggesting that we are in some deep shit right now and we might never get out of this god damned mess before our precious (Beloved) “American Dream” might be in mortal danger.

The Chinese government is reported to be engaged in another severe “Lockdown” brought on by a new wave of raging covid-19 in their population.

I have admired the Chinese response to covid-19. I hate to start sounding like the former guy, Trumpfk, but I think the Chinese government is made up of some really smart people and they have the balls collectively to address a threat like covid with some stern but effective measures to keep it in check. I wish the pansy-assed, lily-livered asswads of the American anti-vaccination crowd (Whoever they are and wherever they may be) and those stricken with the equally-dangerous disease called “Covid Denial” would get their shit together and agree to some of those China-originated protective moves here on our own home soil. If they did that I am sure there would be a lot less suffering and loss to the American People due to these pandemic screwings that we have all been forced to endure because of what I believe to be the ignorance and selfishness of others ….mostly, I hear, “Others” of the radicalized right-wing so-called “Conservative” factions of Trumpfuckificatioinal Scientific Heresy.”

I would like to see an enforcement division sending out its hazmat-clad warriors to grab unvaccinated idiots off the streets and out of their houses and take them to treatment centers to get their shots or to prisons where they could languish until the pandemic is over if they refuse treatments. I mean, whether you agree with me or not, I sincerely believe that those anti-vax nuts are a clear and present danger to the rest of society and something should be done to make sure they are not responsible for more innocent deaths than I think they have already caused.

Flu Season Again

There is not only flu this year but there is also RSV and covid 19 as well … some people are calling it all a “Triple Pandemic and, of course, the anti-vaccination crowd is out there refusing to do what is best for themselves and others, so they are out there spreading it all around, and that will only make things a lot worse than they otherwise might be.

Rootin’ Putin is reported to be grabbing very ill prisoners out of his jails and sending them to fight on the front lines against Ukrainian forces which makes me wonder when he will start sending children out as cannon fodder also — the same as Hitler did with his youth in the second world war. Now while I am talking about this, please remember that this is Vladimir Putin, the guy that the Putin wing of the Republican Party thinks is such a wonderful example of what political leadership should look like.

It appears that somebody on the website, “Tik Tok” has been advising people to tape their mouths shut when they sleep because they are claiming that taping the mouth during sleep helps to eliminate problems with snoring and other things. Some experts are warning against the practice because there are dangers associated with doing it. You can always Google “Do Not Tape Your Mouth When Sleeping” to see more information on this crazy idea. Or CLICK HERE.

There are warnings going up everywhere telling us that the violence-embracing Christian Nationalist movement is growing in the United States … which is something that I believe would fit the agenda of the radical right wing republicans like a glove … another bastardization of traditional Christianity — another growing threat to the idea of democracy … READ MORE HERE.

People who are peddling the line that the United States should stop sending so much support to Ukraine should understand that the war over there is not just about Ukraine but is about the security of every NATO nation and, eventually, even our own national security. I say this because I truly believe that if Putin gets the ultimate victory in Ukraine, there is no stopping him from going ahead with his territorial ambitions … ambitions which, to my way of thinking, are very large indeed …. I think He is empire-building and I can’t see an end to that kind of ambition.