Biden Administration Views Disastrous Energy Policy

Just at the time when OPEC is cutting back on oil production … a move that is expected to cause gas and oil prices in The United States to skyrocket through the roof again …it is being reported that the Biden administration is looking at an almost total block on new offshore drilling leases which in the opinion of experts would be a serious hazard to American energy security.

This apparently comes about as many environmentalists increase their pressure on the Department of the Interior to transition away from fossil fuels and to go on a totally “Green” energy rampage.

So it appears that it is not only OPEC, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United Arab Republics that are hostile to America’s best interests in the energy sector, but the very American administration themselves.

Who can figure?

Now while I am hearing all this blather, I am also hearing others talking about the need to bolster America’s abilities to continue to provide more oil and natural gas supplies to the world market.

Why in the Hell would there be people worried about America’s ability to provide oil and natural gas to the world market when the American energy consumer, already strapped by killer inflation, is struggling to keep up with rising gasoline and other energy prices here at home?

Is Biden going to stop offshore drilling?
Joe Biden’s administration on Friday unveiled a five-year offshore oil and gas drilling development plan that blocks all new drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans within US territorial waters while allowing some lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s south coast.Jul 2, 2022

I thought the government was supposed to be protecting us.

4 thoughts on “Biden Administration Views Disastrous Energy Policy


    Here at home we are practically floating in oil. The big oil executives need to be hit in their pocketbook to make them stop biting the hand that feeds them.
    Historically, gas has been higher overseas; they get more revenue by exporting it than at home.
    To borrow a phrase from The Godfather, Gov’t needs to make them an “offer they can’t refuse”:
    Reserve one third more of the oil they refine for domestic use here, and build another refinery. (when there is a problem at one of the few refineries, they use that as an excuse for jacking up the price)
    They would then receive a reduction of the corporate tax to 15%.
    OR they will face a 70% corporate tax on their earnings, and a restriction of oil exports to one half of present levels.


  2. beetleypete

    Offshore drilling can potentially provoke environmental disasters, but more production would be one way to hit back at OPEC and Russia in the long term.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. lobotero

    After the disaster of the Gulf oil spill that disrupted commerce and livelihoods I am sort of on the side of the admin here…..but that is just me. chuq


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