Good Morning Vietnam!

Just kidding, folks .. that was the name of an old movie. (“Good Morning Vietnam.”) I think it had Robbin Williams in it.

I think if I had a name like “Knum Nutts Narcolepse” I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  Sounds too Italian to me.  But I have nothing against Italians. Some of them are hotter than pancakes.  In fact, some of my best friends are Italians … and Black People, right?

“Knum Nutts Narcolepse” — That name is about as strange as “Who Goosed The Moose,” the author of the now infamous novel, “Antlers In The Tree Tops.”

But I can’t forget to mention Seymour Butts who penned the other provocative novel back in 1973, “Under The Bleachers.”

I don’t smell any burning flesh yet and my neighborhood seems relatively intact this morning so I am guessing that old Poon Tang (Putania) (That Russian clown) hasn’t sent a strategic missile over here yet.

Damn, I am in rare form this morning … overweight but rare. (Medium rare.)

I was going to blog about pussy this morning but she is out in the garage eating her new cat food so I will leave her alone for the time being.

I have some shocking news to share with my readers this morning … I am not gay. Can you stand it?  Is that outrageous and tasteless or what?

When is the last time any of you had spam and eggs for breakfast?  How many of you remember what “Spam” actually is?  It was a compressed mixture of ham and pork in a can that was invented in 1943 as a convenience food for the soldiers fighting in World War II.  It was originally 25 cents a can and now it is like Two dollars and something a can.  Still good though.  I have three cans of it in the cupboard ready and waiting to be devoured.

I see the OPEC clowns are going to cut back on their oil production again by Two Million barrels a day and that is going to kick our gas prices ass high again … like we need that shit right now with inflation running rampant and everything.  I thought the United States was energy independent from the Saudis sometime before some of them destroyed the World Trade Center.  Whatever happened to that energy independence we were supposed to have?  I mean at one time we were even exporting oil to other countries.  WTF?  Can someone explain this to me?





4 thoughts on “Good Morning Vietnam!


    Re oil; I have an answer, but you will not like it. First, we were briefly energy independent; political posturing over green vs fossil fuels has since derailed that. Green energy failed miserably last winter in Texas; that is a simple fact I won’t support an argument over. I have shown how Big Oil companies politics plays a big role in domestic gas prices; the post is here:


    1. John Post author

      You are wrong about one thing .. I do like your response … I have always thought that trying to go one hundred percent green energy was pissing in the wind …just like I believe that trying to go all electric vehicles is pissing in the wind ..all the costs of getting all the infrastructure for these two wet dreams in place is not sustainable ..much less achievable …and there will come a point where the American citizen will no l longer be able to support all this nonsense through taxation. We just need to get free of dependence on foreign oil again and engineer more efficient and affordable systems to make use of the energy sources that we already have.


  2. beetleypete

    I am still a Spam fan, John. My mum used to cook it as ‘Spam Fritters’, and I loved it in sandwiches with sweet pickles. I still buy it now, occasionally, though it is considered to be ‘unacceptable’ by many English people.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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