Republicans Plan Two-Year Agenda Of Punishing Democrats And Vengeance Against Opposition

The headline to this post details what I believe will be the entire thrust of a two-year dominance of The House of Representatives under the leadership of a McCarthy or a McCarthy-like figure who herself or himself (whichever the case may be) will definitely have the “Crazy Caucus” pulling his or her strings.

I believe they will content themselves with lots of time-consuming and taxpayer-dollar-wasting investigations into democrats of every stripe and with doing their best to destroy all the liberal social safety net programs but I doubt they will do a damned thing to move the country forward or to help the average American other than a few isolated carrots they will toss to keep the gullible satisfied and to give the impression they are actually governing in a democratic manner.

In addition, the clueless horde of the brainwashed who listen to nothing but right wing radical echo chambers for their news will remain clueless to what is happening to them and what they have done to themselves by voting for Radical Republicans and they will join in the idiotized chorus denigrating democrats with every breath they breathe and at every opportunity, real or contrived by their puppet masters and will suffer willingly and silently the oppression of their chosen taskmaster … like they always do.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Plan Two-Year Agenda Of Punishing Democrats And Vengeance Against Opposition

    1. John Post author

      Even if they did have the intentions, there isn’t enough brain power among the whole lot of them to govern anything except perhaps deciding where their dogs should crap.

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