Gun Control

Gun control in America is a very divisive subject.
Every year gun violence claims the lives of at least 40-thousand American citizens.
If the government continues to sit on its hands, I am certain this figure will double within the next five years.

8 thoughts on “Gun Control

  1. lobotero

    Those ‘good guys’ can be destructive as well… would not be immune to their bullets….besides most shooters will only hunt down defenseless to gun down. The ‘good guy’ argument is a myth. chuq

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  2. beetleypete

    There are not enough of those ‘good guys’ to ever balance out the crazies and gun-nuts. But nothing will change anyway, so the gun-lovers can continue to accumulate their arsenals, build their bunkers, and go out to massacre innocent schoolkids and people. That’s ‘The American Way’!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. John Post author

      Your answer is incorrect — there are plenty of stories about the good guy with a gun saving the day …I agree that a lot of those are overlooked in the Media … they are usually covered by local news outlets … but even at that, there are far more bad guys with guns killing people than there are good guys with guns killing people …. but to refute your claim that we NEVER hear about the good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, here are a few such instances for your consideration ……
      I am sure you can find more such cases if you are willing to, as the right wing always says, “Research.”



        Yes; I ought not to have used “never”, which is an absolute. I grieves me to see the increased depravity of man; I’m not a gun owner by design, it was a requirement for a private security assignment, which required me to obtain one.
        The great responsibility of gun ownership cannot be underestimated; I was not an “enthusiast”, nor did I dislike handguns; inexplicable failure to face the grisly statistics, (cities with the most strict gun laws have higher rates of murders and other crimes) that deviants, criminally minded persons who don’t give a flying (F), without concern for innocent lives will not be stopped by a damn sign stating “gun free zone” just staggers me.
        Responsible gun ownership is being properly trained, the safety rules, and maintenance.
        Having qualified, that the weapon never leaves the holster until it is a matter of your life, or the offender; always to defend yourself and those in your care to protect.
        The laws favor the criminal element, not the innocents they prey upon. Politicians who defund police are themselves part of the problem.

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        1. John Post author

          I would like to point out while we are here that it is not always democrats who want to defund the police as some righties are fond of claiming …This morning on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace called out House Republicans for voting unanimously to defund the police.
          Republicans do it too.

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