Marjorie Taylor Green Is Back On Twitter

Elon Musk has reportedly restored Marjorie Taylor Green’s Twitter account after it had been suspended because the former Twitter people said she had indulged in covid19 misinformation.

Now with Trump and Green back on Twitter, we might get all the misinformation we desire as time rolls on.

Musk can do what he wants with Twitter and I can do what I want with my Twitter account. I am shit-canning it! I have had enough lies and misinformation to last me a lifetime.

I am afraid that Twitter is about to become nothing but a MAGA cesspool.

2 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Green Is Back On Twitter

    1. John Post author

      The trouble is that sooner or later the Twitter will have no other users than the crazies and then it will become an echo chamber for their drivel. People with sense in their heads will abandon it as soon as it shows its true colors.

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