Me And My Day

This has been a good one, I must admit.

I started the day with 3/4 cup of Greek Yogurt, 4 ounces of polish kielbasa sausage and one piece of toast. I am trying to find out if eating yogurt three times a day with my meals will help me to lose some weight.

My next big kick was to accompany my friend, Jim, to the local blood drawing clinic so that he can have his blood drawn in anticipation of a scheduled ultrasound. He gets nervous around computers so I helped him check into the blood clinic on their computerized check-in device.

Following that, we went to a local Kroger grocery store where I bought two scratch-off lottery tickets ( and won Sixty Dollars on them) and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castile bath soap. (I am not being compensated for mentioning Dr. Bronner).

Arriving home, we went out into the backyard to rake leaves off the small patio that holds our outdoor grill. Since the price of meat has risen because of inflation, I have decided to purchase our Kansas City steaks and our Beef Tenderloin steaks in bulk and store them, 150 pounds at a time, in our new freezers. Life is tough sometimes. So now grilling will not be such a concern.

Sometime during the day, Jim and I went to a local clinic and got our latest covid 19 booster shots, the Bivalent one that elderly folks are being advised to get. It was painless and it was totally free.

Dinner was an enormous Cod Fish loin… about 9 inches long, perfectly deep fried in a lovely crispy breaded crust with some crinkle-cut french fries and a small salad.

10 thoughts on “Me And My Day

    1. John Post author

      I was under the impression that all individual medical treatment in the UK was free to its citizens. Has something changed or have I misunderstood how it works all along? You actually have to pay for medical care now???


  1. lobotero

    Congrats on the win…..I was fortunate…I have been vacuum sealing meat deals for the last 5 years so we have plenty of meat…..Medicare sends me 10 Covid tests a month……so we check ourselves out when we feel peaked….chuq

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    1. John Post author

      Your reply about the meat is very intriguing to me …since my downsize we have been doing our own shopping and I am interested in discovering how long you can keep meat so that it is still safe to eat…. and do you find your vacuum sealer to be cost-effective for your purposes?

      Liked by 2 people


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