Senseless Acts of Livid Hatred

I have been around for a long long time now …. probably longer than more than half of the folks who read this blog … and I have to tell you that I have not, in all my long life, seen and heard such nasty, vengeful, revenge-seeking hate as I have seen flowing, like a volcanic torrent of red hot lava from the mouths and media of the American radical right-wing political spectrum.

This group of people go about calling democrats “Communists” and they spout hateful invective against LGBTQ people and against people who stand for women’s rights and many other targets for their endless virulence.

And with all this hatred going for them … hatred that borders on the satanic …they still cling to the errant notion that they are faithful Christians.

I would venture to say that those who embrace the hatred of the Republican neo-fascist, the hate-mongering faction of their party need to seriously contemplate a change in their religion because whether they admit it or not, Christianity is all about love… not hate.

11 thoughts on “Senseless Acts of Livid Hatred

  1. beetleypete

    I have always wondered if most Americans actually know what a Communist (or Socialist) is, John. In my lifetime, there has never been one in any elected office in America. Another lamentable show of complete political ignorance.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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