What Things A Day Brings

The radical right-wingers (You know who I am talking about,.. those Republicans who have to go outside to get something from their refrigerators …. those right-wing idiots whose Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins have more teeth than their spouses ….you know the ones — have been bragging that Elon is teaching left-wingers some serious lessons about free speech.

I have to admit that I am all in favor of free speech myself but I do not consider free speech to be the kind of vitriol and lies that can severely damage the basic tenets of democracy and, perhaps even democracy itself … the kind of hate-mongering propaganda that stirs up division and strife the way the Republican activists so often do.

Twitter is teaching me nothing except that I am wrong to still be on it and I am a liberal-leaning centrist and I love America and I hate the effect that the anti-American right-wing radical hate mongers are having on our traditions and our values.

Free speech is any speech that does not do harm. The kind of trash talk that the MAGA crowd holds so dear seems to me to be designed for the specific purpose of destroying America and replacing it with some fascist bullshit oligarchical autocracy. That is where I draw my personal line concerning free speech.

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