I have been sitting here thinking of things to be thankful for this year and I will share some of my own things now.

I am thankful that I am still alive and in good enough health that I can, for the time being, still run circles around people much younger than myself. That 54 years of weight lifting, calisthenics, power walking, and gym machines plus the food supplements and vitamins and the positive thinking exercises have gone a long way toward letting me feel really good most of the time.

I am thankful that no Russian missiles have landed in my backyard and that the American voter had the presence of mind to give a failing Republican party a few lessons about what is acceptable to society as a whole and what is not.

I am thankful that when I was a young man, I had the vision, ambition, drive, and good fortune to take advantage of some of the great advantages that living in The United States offers to anyone who wants to grab them and do something with their lives and because of it, I do not have to worry about inflation and depressions and all that stuff for at least the rest of my life,

I am thankful that the MAGA crowd has revealed themselves for the evils that they represent and that the vast majority of Americans have recognized the dangers they pose to the American form of democracy and have rejected them and their policies during the recent mid-term elections.

I have discovered a new very appropo definition of what members of the MAGA movement really are. Want to hear it? The definition I have applied to the MAGA crowd, in general, is “Easily Fooled Idiots.”

I have been dealing with a rabid Trump supporter in my comments section lately and I have received an education in how they operate their propaganda scam. In any discussion with these idiots, they can be easily recognized for their total obsession with ignoring the main point of a conversation and shifting the blame to something or someone else. They are master diversionists.

But why am I shit talking about the righties on the eve of one of the greatest of American traditions, “Thanksgiving Day?”

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you, my dearly valued readers, the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous Thanksgiving ever.

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