It Is Thanksgiving Day Again

November 24, 2022 at 6:47 AM —- It is Thanksgiving day again and the weather outside is a balmy 50 degrees. There are some times when I am happy about climate change. This is one of those days.

In America, there are a couple of different reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you are an alcoholic, it is another excuse to get drunk. In the world of alcoholics, every thought, word and deed is designed specifically to give drunks a reason to drink.

If you are a Christian, Thanksgiving is a day in which to give God thanks for life, liberty and happiness. I think this year we ought to add one more thing to our thanksgiving prayers. I think we should add thanks to God that we haven’t yet been mowed down by some insane dick breath wielding an AR-style rifle or something.

If you are a Conservative, Thanksgiving is the day when, among other things such as practicing your impression in the nude, of Trump, you remember that day when you visited the biggest city you ever visited in your life … that city called “Walmart.”

I remember that when I was a child, I had friends who saw Thanksgiving as just another day to go to Grandma’s house and eat turkey.

Thanksgiving in America is another day to hate the moment that you step on your bathroom scale the day afterward.

I am thankful that we can still find some fresh air to breathe. Right now it is possible to find fresh air in many places. If the right-wing activists get their way and do away with the Environmental Protection Agency we might not find fresh air so easily.

I remember when I was a child, we visited some cities where industry was a big thing and the air was always so polluted with emissions from automobiles, trucks, buses, railroad trains and factories that it literally burned your eyes just to walk down a street. I know we breathed a lot of carcinogens back in those days and I am amazed that we survived.

I am thankful that I am not among the 552-thousand homeless people in The United States. I was on the streets for a while back in 1978 and I can tell you that I do appreciate the roof over my head. No more sleeping in a cardboard box, on the concrete, under a bridge, eating cold baked beans out of cans or discarded fast food restaurant sandwiches out of dumpsters. Been there, done that. What a difference a few million dollars makes!

I think it would be cool if everybody kept a “Gratitude” Journal so that they could be reminded of all the good things that have happened to them and for them over the course of a year or more. Kind of like a diary of good experiences. Just re-reading it would make the writer feel better when things look tough.

I give thanks that there are still people in the world who are interested enough in the mundane details of my life that they still take the time to read the stuff I blog about.

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