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Announcing Today

I guess I am linking to myself this morning. So — good morning, everybody!

I have discovered that if I eat a whole can of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli for breakfast, I definitely do not get hungry before lunchtime and it helps me to control my weight. President Biden had suggested that to somebody and so I decided to try it and it works for me.

I started on the path to trying out doing online surveys but I chickened out because they want too many permissions to access my personal information. I was assured that the site I was thinking about was safe but, like I said, I chickened out. The site in question is something called “Survey Junkie.

I had the idea that doing online surveys would make a good hobby — I definitely do not need the money because everything I touch seems to turn to gold anyway ….but it isn’t going to happen at this point. Just a precautionary measure.

I got out of bed this morning and had my shower and got dressed to the max thinking we were going to go downtown and do some shopping. After I had done all that, I checked my schedule and this foray is not scheduled until tomorrow. So I settled down and watched “Meet The Press” on the television, ate a few pretzels and curled up on the couch.

Lunch today will be what is left of the turkey breast. I am going to slice some of it and put it on a slice of bread under a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy — a sort of turkey “Hotshot” if you will. Tomorrow I am going to roast a few chicken breast halves and use them as my diet food for the next week,. I have managed to lose 8 pounds and I am proud of it.

I have decided that for Christmas presents this year I will be giving natural uncut diamond jewelry. Natural uncut diamond jewelry seems to be a fad this year.

Average Mundane Simplistic Boring Blog Post

Well, folks, I am guessing that I am not the only one out there with a Thanksgiving hangover today. I am not talking about having too many alcoholic drinks either. I am talking about that lazy, bloated feeling (and the guilt that goes with it) from eating too much on the holiday. But isn’t that The American Way?

Isn’t that what our ancestors fought to establish and isn’t that what generations of our brave American heroes have given their lives for …. so that we can enjoy these sumptuous, belly-stuffing, materialistic holidays that we always manage to do like clockwork every year? Did Jesus really die for our right to own guns?

My friend, and constant companion, Jim, and I cut back a little on our Thanksgiving dinner this year. Instead of dealing with a whole turkey, we bought a breast and roasted it to perfection and that was enough for the two of us, Very simple dinner this year: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, lima bean, and corn succotash, and choice of coffee or tea. Very simple, very restrained, and very delicious.

We went to Wally World and got our little artificial tree for Christmas. It is made entirely of aluminum and is silver in color. It is about 4-1/2-feet tall. Kind of short but enough for the two of us. We didn’t decorate at all last year. Jim felt the loss more than I did so this year we are getting out all the colorful junk and kicking “Bah Humbug” to the curb. I mean at our age we need to enjoy something of the season, right? After all, there is more to life than money, right?

As Jim and I were saying the blessing over our meal and doing our prayer of Thanksgiving, the thought came to my mind that the Wampanoag People would not probably have felt so blessed these days because of their courtesies to the earliest settlers. But a devil appeared behind me and whispered in my ear, “But that was their problem and not yours, right? Go ahead and feel good about being a glutton for at least one day a year.”

We did not go downtown this year to watch any commercialized gaudy parades in the company of masses of possibly diseased people spreading their germs around because we have already had upper respiratory infections this year and did not want to invite any more of them. Besides, I was not in the mood to hear any partisan speeches given by over-fed, ridiculously-costumed wannabe patriots, so we did the righteous thing and stayed at home.

The Thrill And The Challenges Of Blogging


Some people say that blogging is dead and that blogging has been killed by the convenience and speed of other social media. I am here to challenge that idea and to suggest that blogging is as effective and as much fun as it ever was. So if you have tried blogging and gotten discouraged or if you are starting a new blog, I want to share some tips with you after being a blogger for more than 10 years now.

There are many reasons for blogging. My reasons are that I enjoy sharing my thoughts, my ideas, and my experiences with the world. I have always believed that somebody out there in the vastness of this universe that we all live in thinks along the same or similar lines that I do and that if I keep on writing a blog, sooner or later the people who share my views will appear, read my blog and become regular readers. So far, I have found that to be basically true.

I would suggest, at this point, that you start out slowly, writing about things that you know something about, things that you are comfortable blogging about and things that you find interesting. You will discover, sooner or later, that there are many other people who share your interests.

Now while writing a blog post every day has been suggested by a lot of experts, I can tell you from experience that this can lead to burnout after a while. It is a good idea if you are filled with ideas that you want to share and if you have a lot of patience and determination to write things that are well-researched and that make sense and, especially, things that can be of help to other people or something that can amuse, inform, entertain or challenge others.

I find that I am capable of writing more than one post every day if I want to but some people are just fine with writing a single post each day or once or twice a week … and some folks only write a post once a month or so …. the secret to success is to be consistent. People who look for your blog want to see your content appearing on a more or less regular basis and at or near approximately the same time. It does not have to be perfect, just regular, just consistent.

If your life is interesting or funny, then you can be assured that your audience will probably find your writing to be funny and interesting as well because the thoughts that come out in writing are the thoughts that are hidden in the heart and as you continue to write, those thoughts will come to the fore and create the persona of your blog.

Try to remember that it takes time … sometimes a lot of time … for people to find your blog on the internet so be patient. If you feel like your blog is not getting the number of readers that you desire, at first, then remember that as time goes by more and more people will find you. You have to keep in mind that whether you are as talented as Shakespeare or as plain as an old shoe, it takes time to build your blog audience so patience is a real virtue … just keep writing … do not give up …if you write it, somebody will eventually find it and read it.

Do not try to be an expert writer. You will polish your writing style as you go along. Just write the same way you would talk to a friend .. friendly, chatty, uncomplicated. Do not worry about using big words or complicated themes. Just say what is on your mind and remember to use short sentences and paragraphs. People generally will not read every word you write anyway. They will “Skip Read” unless they are the kind of person who loves to read every word — and there are some people who enjoy reading so much that they actually will savor every word you write … but like I said, many will read as fast as they can and skip over a lot of what you write. Never allow this to discourage you.

Be yourself, be authentic, be positive, be relatable and be as transparent as you can about yourself and the things that you write about.

Did I mention that it is always a good idea to include some pictures or photographs in your blog posts? You can take your own pictures, of course and scan them onto your blogs through your computer photo program. Or you can find a lot of pictures you can use without worrying about infringing on somebody’s copyright from some of the following resources:

Here is a resource for even more pictures and photos for your blogs:

Thank you for your kind attention.

Poverty–What’s It Good for?

I tried to re-blog this item from In Saner Thought using the reblog feature of WordPress.Com, but for some reason, it does not work so I am re-blogging this most important article via copy and paste and I hope it works out. I am reblogging this because it is 100% true and 100% relevant to every citizen of The United States of America.


I do hope that everyone had a great day on Thanksgiving…I did….and since viewership is down on this Black Friday I will only post one  today so my readers do not miss any of my sterling observations.

A growing problem in this country is that of the state known as poverty….of course these days someone is going to blame inflation as the culprit…..but sadly the problem is much older than that.

I have been writing about this situation for decades……some of my thoughts are posted here…..

The promises the Founders promised in the original documents of this nation have failed and failed badly.

The old pieces of manure that are the political leaders do not want to change the status quo….they need poverty so the institution continues with little action to achieve the promises of the past.

One party is capitalizing on poverty and it’s darker side…..crime…..

The Republican Party is running a huge scam right now, similar to the one they ran in 1992 when President George HW Bush was setting up phony cocaine busts across the street from the White House and running his infamous Willie Horton ad.

Here’s the essential formula:

  • Increase levels of inequality in the country to the point where poverty and homelessness are a crisis.
  • Do this with huge, trillion-dollar tax cuts for rich people so they get massively richer, while gutting social-safety-net programs and supports for working class people like unions.
  • Poverty and homelessness increase which produces an increase in crime, and that freaks out middle-class people — the majority of voters.
  • Then build your political identity and campaign around being “tough on crime” while completely ignoring the fact that the poverty you helped create is largely responsible for much of that crime.
  • Blame the poverty-driven crime, instead, on “welfare” programs Democrats have put into place to try to soften the blow of the poverty caused by Republican policies.

This is not a new idea. Around 170 A.D. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Poverty is the mother of crime,” although he was actually trying to reduce both in the wake of others who’d made poverty and thus crime worse.

And then there’s inequality, which it turns out is at least as consequential as poverty as a driver of criminal behavior.

Years of research done by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett of the Equality Trust in the UK found that as inequality goes up, so does crime particularly violent crime.

There is an easy fix to this problem….it may not eliminate all the inequalities but it will lessen the problem somewhat….

Here is a novel idea…..wage war on poverty not the poor!

The demonization of the poor continues today….these unfortunate Americans are blamed for everything from low tax revenues to crumbling infrastructure….not a word about the tax cuts that also cut revenue for the nation….if blame needs to be assigned then look NO further than the GOP.

Again…wage war on poverty not the poor.


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

Looking Back

If you want to understand what is wrong with Republicans these days, all you have to do is look back a little and see how they fawned over such personages as Bachman and Allan West. Just doing that one little research project should soon prove to you why Conservatives have lost their minds.

Let There Be No Doubt

Here is an important quotation — “… Rank and file GOP voters are proto-fascists, and they have been cultivated deliberately by the leadership of the GOP to be receptive to a fascist autocracy for decades.  These folks are not amenable to patient listening and reasoned discourse.   In fact, patient listening and reasoned discourse are precisely the sort of displays that a conservative proto-fascist will respond to with disgust and hostility.…End of the important quotation.

Now, if you care about your future as an American, you need to read the article from which the foregoing quotation was taken ….

And here is the blog from which the quotation was taken:

You are welcome.

It Is Thanksgiving Day Again

November 24, 2022 at 6:47 AM —- It is Thanksgiving day again and the weather outside is a balmy 50 degrees. There are some times when I am happy about climate change. This is one of those days.

In America, there are a couple of different reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving.

If you are an alcoholic, it is another excuse to get drunk. In the world of alcoholics, every thought, word and deed is designed specifically to give drunks a reason to drink.

If you are a Christian, Thanksgiving is a day in which to give God thanks for life, liberty and happiness. I think this year we ought to add one more thing to our thanksgiving prayers. I think we should add thanks to God that we haven’t yet been mowed down by some insane dick breath wielding an AR-style rifle or something.

If you are a Conservative, Thanksgiving is the day when, among other things such as practicing your impression in the nude, of Trump, you remember that day when you visited the biggest city you ever visited in your life … that city called “Walmart.”

I remember that when I was a child, I had friends who saw Thanksgiving as just another day to go to Grandma’s house and eat turkey.

Thanksgiving in America is another day to hate the moment that you step on your bathroom scale the day afterward.

I am thankful that we can still find some fresh air to breathe. Right now it is possible to find fresh air in many places. If the right-wing activists get their way and do away with the Environmental Protection Agency we might not find fresh air so easily.

I remember when I was a child, we visited some cities where industry was a big thing and the air was always so polluted with emissions from automobiles, trucks, buses, railroad trains and factories that it literally burned your eyes just to walk down a street. I know we breathed a lot of carcinogens back in those days and I am amazed that we survived.

I am thankful that I am not among the 552-thousand homeless people in The United States. I was on the streets for a while back in 1978 and I can tell you that I do appreciate the roof over my head. No more sleeping in a cardboard box, on the concrete, under a bridge, eating cold baked beans out of cans or discarded fast food restaurant sandwiches out of dumpsters. Been there, done that. What a difference a few million dollars makes!

I think it would be cool if everybody kept a “Gratitude” Journal so that they could be reminded of all the good things that have happened to them and for them over the course of a year or more. Kind of like a diary of good experiences. Just re-reading it would make the writer feel better when things look tough.

I give thanks that there are still people in the world who are interested enough in the mundane details of my life that they still take the time to read the stuff I blog about.


I have been sitting here thinking of things to be thankful for this year and I will share some of my own things now.

I am thankful that I am still alive and in good enough health that I can, for the time being, still run circles around people much younger than myself. That 54 years of weight lifting, calisthenics, power walking, and gym machines plus the food supplements and vitamins and the positive thinking exercises have gone a long way toward letting me feel really good most of the time.

I am thankful that no Russian missiles have landed in my backyard and that the American voter had the presence of mind to give a failing Republican party a few lessons about what is acceptable to society as a whole and what is not.

I am thankful that when I was a young man, I had the vision, ambition, drive, and good fortune to take advantage of some of the great advantages that living in The United States offers to anyone who wants to grab them and do something with their lives and because of it, I do not have to worry about inflation and depressions and all that stuff for at least the rest of my life,

I am thankful that the MAGA crowd has revealed themselves for the evils that they represent and that the vast majority of Americans have recognized the dangers they pose to the American form of democracy and have rejected them and their policies during the recent mid-term elections.

I have discovered a new very appropo definition of what members of the MAGA movement really are. Want to hear it? The definition I have applied to the MAGA crowd, in general, is “Easily Fooled Idiots.”

I have been dealing with a rabid Trump supporter in my comments section lately and I have received an education in how they operate their propaganda scam. In any discussion with these idiots, they can be easily recognized for their total obsession with ignoring the main point of a conversation and shifting the blame to something or someone else. They are master diversionists.

But why am I shit talking about the righties on the eve of one of the greatest of American traditions, “Thanksgiving Day?”

Let me take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you, my dearly valued readers, the happiest, healthiest, and most prosperous Thanksgiving ever.

health issue of the day

So I got my latest covid-19 booster shot yesterday and today I have a slight cold. I did manage to escape the sore arm syndrome. My friend, Jim, who got his shot at the same time I got mine has a cold this morning. These are expected side effects from the shots.

I see the Salvation Army is starting to advertise for their seasonal campaign again.

They used to just appear on street corners with their red buckets and bells but now that they have unknown millions of dollars in the bank, they apparently feel that they are big enough and important enough to spend god only knows how much money on television advertising.

Let me tell you why I never give them a damned dime.

Back in 1978, when I suffered a devastating bankruptcy that put me on the streets, I appealed to them for some assistance and after spending hours and hours talking to some of their big-shot commanders in their headquarters in a large city, I was told flat out that they had nothing to offer me.

They will never get a dime of my money… not now, not ever .. and I do have a shit load of it as you all know by now if you know me at all.

Now that Mr. Musk is letting Trump and some of his acolytes back onto Twitter, I am shit-canning my account there also. I have that because I always enjoyed Twitter. Now I fear it is going to become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the vilest and evil political hacks the world has ever known and I do not need that kind of shit. I would not weep the first tear if Twitter were simply to do down the proverbial shit hole.

According to the news, some of the supposed bargain stores and some of the grocery stores are now being investigated for having different price tags on their shelves than on their checkout cash registers. The way the scam works is that you see a price tag on a product on their shelves and when you go to pay, the price magically increases. The stores that have been on our local news because of this problem so far have been the ones calling themselves “Dollar General.”

I have enough assholes trying to get their hands into my wallet without the added inconvenience of bargain stores … but I do have one advantage … I more or less avoid bargain stores because most of the stuff I have ever seen in bargain stores is not really bargains anyway but seem to me to be nothing better than imported Asian-made garbage that either does not do what it says it will do or does not last much farther than the first two or three uses.

We went to the expense some time ago of having some trees removed from our estate so as to avoid all the leaves that drop off in the fall. So yesterday what did we see? We saw a yard filled with leaves that had fallen from the neighboring property. Bastards! I feel inclined to hire someone to sneak over there and chainsaw their damned trees but of course, that is illegal and I am a law-abiding citizen so that is not going to happen …Maybe I will pray for a few lightning storms.

Me And My Day

This has been a good one, I must admit.

I started the day with 3/4 cup of Greek Yogurt, 4 ounces of polish kielbasa sausage and one piece of toast. I am trying to find out if eating yogurt three times a day with my meals will help me to lose some weight.

My next big kick was to accompany my friend, Jim, to the local blood drawing clinic so that he can have his blood drawn in anticipation of a scheduled ultrasound. He gets nervous around computers so I helped him check into the blood clinic on their computerized check-in device.

Following that, we went to a local Kroger grocery store where I bought two scratch-off lottery tickets ( and won Sixty Dollars on them) and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Castile bath soap. (I am not being compensated for mentioning Dr. Bronner).

Arriving home, we went out into the backyard to rake leaves off the small patio that holds our outdoor grill. Since the price of meat has risen because of inflation, I have decided to purchase our Kansas City steaks and our Beef Tenderloin steaks in bulk and store them, 150 pounds at a time, in our new freezers. Life is tough sometimes. So now grilling will not be such a concern.

Sometime during the day, Jim and I went to a local clinic and got our latest covid 19 booster shots, the Bivalent one that elderly folks are being advised to get. It was painless and it was totally free.

Dinner was an enormous Cod Fish loin… about 9 inches long, perfectly deep fried in a lovely crispy breaded crust with some crinkle-cut french fries and a small salad.