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The Thrill And The Challenges Of Blogging


Some people say that blogging is dead and that blogging has been killed by the convenience and speed of other social media. I am here to challenge that idea and to suggest that blogging is as effective and as much fun as it ever was. So if you have tried blogging and gotten discouraged or if you are starting a new blog, I want to share some tips with you after being a blogger for more than 10 years now.

There are many reasons for blogging. My reasons are that I enjoy sharing my thoughts, my ideas, and my experiences with the world. I have always believed that somebody out there in the vastness of this universe that we all live in thinks along the same or similar lines that I do and that if I keep on writing a blog, sooner or later the people who share my views will appear, read my blog and become regular readers. So far, I have found that to be basically true.

I would suggest, at this point, that you start out slowly, writing about things that you know something about, things that you are comfortable blogging about and things that you find interesting. You will discover, sooner or later, that there are many other people who share your interests.

Now while writing a blog post every day has been suggested by a lot of experts, I can tell you from experience that this can lead to burnout after a while. It is a good idea if you are filled with ideas that you want to share and if you have a lot of patience and determination to write things that are well-researched and that make sense and, especially, things that can be of help to other people or something that can amuse, inform, entertain or challenge others.

I find that I am capable of writing more than one post every day if I want to but some people are just fine with writing a single post each day or once or twice a week … and some folks only write a post once a month or so …. the secret to success is to be consistent. People who look for your blog want to see your content appearing on a more or less regular basis and at or near approximately the same time. It does not have to be perfect, just regular, just consistent.

If your life is interesting or funny, then you can be assured that your audience will probably find your writing to be funny and interesting as well because the thoughts that come out in writing are the thoughts that are hidden in the heart and as you continue to write, those thoughts will come to the fore and create the persona of your blog.

Try to remember that it takes time … sometimes a lot of time … for people to find your blog on the internet so be patient. If you feel like your blog is not getting the number of readers that you desire, at first, then remember that as time goes by more and more people will find you. You have to keep in mind that whether you are as talented as Shakespeare or as plain as an old shoe, it takes time to build your blog audience so patience is a real virtue … just keep writing … do not give up …if you write it, somebody will eventually find it and read it.

Do not try to be an expert writer. You will polish your writing style as you go along. Just write the same way you would talk to a friend .. friendly, chatty, uncomplicated. Do not worry about using big words or complicated themes. Just say what is on your mind and remember to use short sentences and paragraphs. People generally will not read every word you write anyway. They will “Skip Read” unless they are the kind of person who loves to read every word — and there are some people who enjoy reading so much that they actually will savor every word you write … but like I said, many will read as fast as they can and skip over a lot of what you write. Never allow this to discourage you.

Be yourself, be authentic, be positive, be relatable and be as transparent as you can about yourself and the things that you write about.

Did I mention that it is always a good idea to include some pictures or photographs in your blog posts? You can take your own pictures, of course and scan them onto your blogs through your computer photo program. Or you can find a lot of pictures you can use without worrying about infringing on somebody’s copyright from some of the following resources:

Here is a resource for even more pictures and photos for your blogs:

Thank you for your kind attention.

I Got 54 Followers Now, All Of Them With Something To Sell

In checking out all the new followers that have hitched their star to my blog, I note that most of them are bloggers with something to sell. I would like to tell all those entrepreneurs, “I love the idea that you have followed me, but I know why you did it so that you might entice me to expand your publicity base by following you back, but I am wise to your sweet asses and as much as I appreciate you following me, I am not falling for your little scheme and I am not following a damn one of you back. So thanks but no thanks! Love, John. I know you did not follow me because you like my musk odor. LOL However if you will breathe heavily in my ear, I might change my mind.

Exorcizing Fake Followers

In the past couple of weeks, I have gotten a carload of new “Followers” whose blogs either are non-existent or have nothing to do with the topics that I blog about or they have a blog with no entries or just a couple of entries that never change. These are fake followers and I imagine they are just following me so that they can get more exposure on the Internet. Almost every one of them is peddling something for sale.

Today, in an effort to prevent more of these fakes from signing onto my blog, I have removed the “Subscribe By E-Mail” and the “Follow” button. I don’t know if that will do any good or not. Maybe I shouldn’t even be concerned.

GAS PRICES AT THE PUMP — When you feel like agreeing with the semi-literate radical republicans that high gas prices at the pump are somehow the fault of President Biden, consider this: It has been reported that the giant oil conglomerates are using the excuse of rampant inflation to pocket huge profits for themselves … the figure that I hear being bounced around for the last quarter is nearly 10 billion dollars profit for Big Oil.

It has been the government’s policy to give Big Oil whatever they ask for in the way of tax abatements and so forth so since there seems to be some gouging of consumers right now, how about a windfall profits tax on their asses …. a significant and meaningful windfall profits tax. How about that?

LAST WORD — Let me share my last words for this evening. I want to talk about Halloween and Trick or Treating. Nobody likes candy and trick or treats more than I do. I have never grown up about Halloween and Christmas and Valentine’s day and all those wonderful things.

So I sat down and began to think about what I was going to dress up like this Halloween.

I finally arrived at a conclusion. I would get some horned-rimmed glasses and some faggot-looking tight jeans, a gun, a bible, and a flag and dress up as a MAGA Right Winger this year, My fake buck teeth and the baseball cap worn backward would complete my MAGA look.

But I had to abandon this plan for my costume this season because …after I had gotten all the clothing and the props right, I discovered that it was impossible for me to stick my head up my ass.

Maybe it is for the best.

For The Protection Of All

Some blogs have a widget on their pages showing a list of the blogs that the blogger follows.  If you click on the name of any of the blogs in that “Blogs I Follow” list, you are taken directly to the blog that you have opted to open and read.

Once you click on that blog that you are interested in reading, you are privy to every word printed on that blog and nothing is hidden from your sight.

By the same token, if I maintain a list of blog links on my pages that allow everybody who reads “Liming’s Links” to click a link and find themselves viewing the contents of other people’s blogs, then I may be offending those bloggers who I follow and who object to having other people see their stuff without their express permission.

So this afternoon, I deleted my “Blogs I Follow widget to protect the privacy of bloggers who do not wish their stuff to be seen by people clicking a link to their blog on my front page.

I do not wish to be a party to the possibility of fellow bloggers having their posts stolen by unscrupulous bloggers so I will no longer show the blogs that I follow on my front page.

My apologies to those blogging friends who do not mind having me advertise their blogs for them but there are some who are exceedingly sensitive to such things and so I am providing a courtesy by deleting the blog list.


Couldn’t Help But Notice

I couldn’t help but notice that there are more people who leave “Likes” on my blog than there are who leave comments.  This leads me to wonder whether enabling comments on a blog is worth while or not?

So is a blog intended to be a vehicle where people enter into meaningful dialogue or is it a place for debate … or is a blog simply a place to do some reading …or to learn or to teach something?

Is interaction on a blog really necessary or worth while?

I notice that there are a shitload of blogs where comments are not activated.  It is frustrating to me sometimes because I often read something and want to respond to it and there is no way to do so because the blogger does not have his or her comments activated.

And then there is the problem of low quality comments … comments where the commenter says the least possible number of words to actually mean anything …like for example, a blogger writes a really long, detailed and informative post that obviously takes a long time to write and a lot of research to produce and the comments that come back amount to things like, “Interesting post.”

So what is the story from where you sit?

Can I get about 25 people to talk to me about this one please?

The Screen Was Blank And It Blew My Mind

I looked at the blank page on my blog editor and thought to myself, “This damned page is blank and it should not be!”  I thought to myself again, There should be something written here …a few words, a sentence, a paragraph perhaps — maybe a bunch of paragraphs.”

But there was nothing written there.

“This is f***ing frustrating,” I said silently to myself, “There needs to be something written on this damned blank blog page.  Otherwise what good is it to even have a blog?”

To tell the truth, the fact that there was nothing written on the blank page was beyond simple frustration.  It caused a crawling sensation in my scrotum … a crawling sensation that mere scratching would not fix.

So I stared at the blank screen for awhile lamenting the fact that it was blank.  I even apologized to the blank screen because I instinctively understood that if a blank computer screen does not get something written on it for a long time, it begins to feel sad, dejected and even depressed.

But if you have gotten this far reading this, you will know that the computer screen is happier now.

My scrotum stopped itching too.

Play Fair Or Get Outta Here

There are some bloggers who are putting “Likes” onto my blog posts within seconds of me hitting the publish button.  There is no way in hell that anyone can read that fast.  Something about this is fishy.  I am assuming that this has something to do with other people trying to use my blog posts to increase traffic to their own blogs.  I do not know how it works.  I could care less how it works.  It is irritating and I am doing my best to weed these out and to block them. So be advised.  If you do this kind of stuff, I find it offensive because I, myself, always read a blog post entirely before I put a “Like” on it and I expect the same courtesy in return.

Turn On The Faucet

I can’t remember who said it now, but somebody famous once said, “The water doesn’t flow until the faucet is turned on.” Well, folks, I am the faucet right now and I guarantee you that I am not “Turned On” as it were …. I haven’t been turned on about much of anything for a long long time now. It seems sometimes that when a person has everything there is to have and has been everywhere there is to go, Life takes a turn for the duller until the instinct for survival kicks in and then things might liven up a little.

A writing prompt suggested that I write something about my youth.

I would ….. and I still might …. but my youth was a hodge podge of negative, sometimes nasty memories about poverty, loneliness and abusiveness ….. about a lot of people who looked and acted like mindless ogres sometimes …. drunks ….sloppy, slovenly, lipstick-smeared bitches always wanting to cuddle me and fondle me …cigarette smoke, booze flowing like water ….stinking cats pissing all over the ramshackle bungalow house we lived in ….the older kid across the street who took me into the attic of an old abandoned garage his family owned to teach me the birds and the bees.

I still remember that filthy-mouthed little faggot. He was about three years older than me and he loved to throw gravel rocks at me from the gravel road in front of our mutual dwellings. He always vacillated between wanting to play nice with me and causing me to stick my finger into a live electric plug in the dark stairwell of his house.

I remember the night he came over to our house because he had nothing better to do and we started throwing darts at a target on the wall. I threw a dart just about the time he jumped in front of the target and the dart graved past his ear, nearly hitting him in the head. My old man (Dad) (Father) flew into one of his rages at that point and beat my ass almost blue with his belt and I thought it was unfair because I knew the little bastard had done it on purpose just to get me into trouble, But asshole that he was, he was a human being of sorts and I needed companionship and besides my dog, he came in handy to fill some lonely hours even if those hours were fraught with danger.

It was he who taught me to smoke cigarettes and to drink whiskey that he had stolen from his alcoholic big brother. It was he who invited me one day to play with the detonator from a bomb that was being built in a munitions factory in an adjacent village —- This was during World War II.

The detonator was supposed to be unloaded with any explosives and it had been brought home by my friend’s also alcoholic father as a toy for his son, my friend. It had a propeller on the front and metal wings in the back … just like bombs of the day … but other than that, it was open and supposedly empty — nothing but a metal frame with a propeller. It was something my friend and I could play “War Games” with.

We took turns throwing the device up into the air, pretending we were bombing enemies.

On one of the “Throws,” the device came down with a thud, hitting the concrete porch of my friend’s house.

The next thing I remember was lying on the ground with my ears ringing and with my Mother standing over me and with my friend screaming in anguish from the shrapnel in his legs from the exploded device. I never got a scratch. I was just knocked unconscious. The bomb casing with no explosives inside of it managed to break windows in houses for many blocks and I later came to be thankful that neither of us had been killed or maimed too badly.

I think that bomb blast happened in about the same year that my friend’s drunken father went into the garage and blew his brains out with a shotgun.

It seemed like every family in that neighborhood was dysfunctional in one manner or another.

We all managed to eat … to stay clean … to be clothed .. to have a roof over our heads … but none of had a pot to piss in really …. we survived by growing vegetables in gardens, by stretching food as far as we could, by having dinners consisting of nothing but bread and milk gravy or biscuits and potatoes … or other odd combinations of whatever was available. We borrowed sugar from our neighbors and they borrowed bread from us. Once a week, we went to the grocery store and bought what we could with the pitifully meager wages from my Dad’s “Nothing” job and from my Mom taking in clothes washing and ironing for the wealthier people in the “Hood.”

Mom finally got a job at the same munitions factory that bomb had come from and she earned Seven dollars a week before taxes and that allowed us to live a little higher on the hog.

Yes, my nasty-minded friend, whom I shall now identify as “Jimmy” taught me a lot of things. One of the things he taught me … a lesson that I learned quickly and only participated in one time… was how to catch and cook wild birds … birds like Robin Red Breasts. I think this was one of the most disgusting things I ever tried in my entire life. But that is how “Jimmy” was. He loved to sass and curse his mother and she loved to slap the shit out of him whenever he did. I always loved to watch as “Jimmy” got his ass whipped by his Mom. It was strangely satisfying.

Jimmy finally grew into a fine specimen of manhood and joined the Marines and served honorably. Once his military service was finished, he returned to civilian life and, like his older brother, drank himself to death at a young age. By that time, I had long since moved away from that neighborhood and was living somewhere else.

Well, I guess I did get a blog post out of this after all … such as it is.

Billy Was a True Genius

Billy had spent years and years studying every book he could lay his hands on, listening to every news program he could manage to listen to, attending every seminar available on every subject imaginable, obtaining several academic degrees at some prestigious colleges and traveling the world, meeting scores of important and powerful people.

Billy had a photographic memory and absorbed every detail of everything he had ever learned and he knew that if ever there was someone looking for an authority on any of the subjects that he had studied, he would be the expert upon whom to call.

It soon became clear to Billy that there was no one at all interested in the things that he had learned and he came to realize the truth of this in very short order.

Years of studying, learning, cataloging information, memorizing all kinds of wonderful, fascinating and often useful information and still he could not find a single person even remotely interested in hearing anything he had to say about the things he had learned.

So, in a fit of frustrated inspiration, he started a blog and, in a few more short years, proved his assumptions over and over again.

Moral of the story — A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing; a lot of knowledge can be a very frustrating thing. So maybe it is better to raise chickens than it is to learn.