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health issue of the day

So I got my latest covid-19 booster shot yesterday and today I have a slight cold. I did manage to escape the sore arm syndrome. My friend, Jim, who got his shot at the same time I got mine has a cold this morning. These are expected side effects from the shots.

I see the Salvation Army is starting to advertise for their seasonal campaign again.

They used to just appear on street corners with their red buckets and bells but now that they have unknown millions of dollars in the bank, they apparently feel that they are big enough and important enough to spend god only knows how much money on television advertising.

Let me tell you why I never give them a damned dime.

Back in 1978, when I suffered a devastating bankruptcy that put me on the streets, I appealed to them for some assistance and after spending hours and hours talking to some of their big-shot commanders in their headquarters in a large city, I was told flat out that they had nothing to offer me.

They will never get a dime of my money… not now, not ever .. and I do have a shit load of it as you all know by now if you know me at all.

Now that Mr. Musk is letting Trump and some of his acolytes back onto Twitter, I am shit-canning my account there also. I have that because I always enjoyed Twitter. Now I fear it is going to become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the vilest and evil political hacks the world has ever known and I do not need that kind of shit. I would not weep the first tear if Twitter were simply to do down the proverbial shit hole.

According to the news, some of the supposed bargain stores and some of the grocery stores are now being investigated for having different price tags on their shelves than on their checkout cash registers. The way the scam works is that you see a price tag on a product on their shelves and when you go to pay, the price magically increases. The stores that have been on our local news because of this problem so far have been the ones calling themselves “Dollar General.”

I have enough assholes trying to get their hands into my wallet without the added inconvenience of bargain stores … but I do have one advantage … I more or less avoid bargain stores because most of the stuff I have ever seen in bargain stores is not really bargains anyway but seem to me to be nothing better than imported Asian-made garbage that either does not do what it says it will do or does not last much farther than the first two or three uses.

We went to the expense some time ago of having some trees removed from our estate so as to avoid all the leaves that drop off in the fall. So yesterday what did we see? We saw a yard filled with leaves that had fallen from the neighboring property. Bastards! I feel inclined to hire someone to sneak over there and chainsaw their damned trees but of course, that is illegal and I am a law-abiding citizen so that is not going to happen …Maybe I will pray for a few lightning storms.

Republican In-Fighting Begins And It Is Good For Democracy

I am pleased to hear that there are opposing factions active in what is left of the Republican Party and that they have begun fighting among themselves now over policy issues and over who is to lead them forward.

One thing is for sure …As long as the Republicans are divided and fighting among themselves, they are not going to be screwing around with democracy or with the things that affect most of us.

In point of fact, I believe that the Republicans are not only fighting one another now but they are not even fighting democrats so much as they are fighting against the concept of democracy itself.

By this time, most Americans ought to be aware that during the Trump administration, the Republican Party started a hard turn to the hard right of the political spectrum with their embracement of Christian Nationalism and Trump-inspired anti-American authoritarianism. There is even some argument out there that the Trumpist philosophy of governing is based in a form of racist white nationalism, although I am sure that most of the radicals on the right would reject that idea out of hand. They are, after all, rampant deniers when they are caught with their moral pants down.

Republicans seem to me to love infighting. They have fought with each other over Obamacare, they have fought over Islam, they have fought over control of public education, and as long as they are fighting among themselves about internal matters, they are not messing with the rest of us … and that is a good thing.

They might have taken control of the House of Representatives in this most recent mid-term election but they are going to be in control of a divided house and to my way of thinking, they are welcome to it as long as they keep fighting and as long as that House remains divided. I can’t think of a better stroke of luck for The United States than to see the failed radical right faction of the Republican Party taking control of a house with the slimmest of majorities and with the incessant blare of them fighting among themselves.

I am sure that as long as this goes on, they will not be quick to get any of the worthwhile business of the nation taken care of nor will they be very effective in dampening the machinery of democracy.

It’s all good.


The Russians — you remember “The Russians” don’t you? The Russians gave a warning to the West (That be us) that they could decide that our commercial satellites (Those technological marvels in orbit around the earth that support communications systems such as telephones and other such trivial things) are legitimate targets for them to destroy. I am assuming they are saying this because there might be the slightest possibility that the U.S. could be using some of those satellites to gather intelligence for Ukrainian troops in combat zones.

I am not going to come right out on this blog and state unequivocally that our satellites might be helping the Ukrainians in their war against the Russian dickery because if I do that then some other journalistic genius who thinks he (Or she or It as the case might be) is more knowledgeable than myself might come on here and demand that I provide concrete. well-researched and irrefutable “Evidence” that what I am publishing is true .. which I am not about to do because (1) This is an “Opinion” blog and I do not need some other asshole’s permission to express my opinions, which, by the way, are opinions based squarely in the infallible certainty of the Creator Himself (Or Herself as the case may be and (2) It is my blog and I will write it any damned way I choose and if somebody else doesn’t like the way I write or what I write about they can go do things to themselves that are usually impossible for humans to do to themselves … things of a more or less pleasurable self-manipulative nature … but I am, at present, too much of a gentleman to come right out and tell some poor, doddery old numb-nutted wingnut cases to go F themselves.

So let the people who object to the way I write stay the hell off my blog or turn the dial and read something that better serves their libidinal impulses. Over the years I have come to understand that the reason Internet Trolls love to engage me in their ridiculous idiosyncrasies is that they love me and want my body. But that is never going to happen because if I ever need that kind of stimulation, I will just go over to some Right Wing website and fondle myself as I read. (That and toilet tissue is about all most of those radical right-wing sites are good for anyway,) Is that well-researched and authoritative enough for you?

So like I started to say, It is reported (and you can Google it if you want to) that the Russians have told somebody that our satellites might be thought of (By The Russians) as legitimate targets of war and subject to destruction by them. Can you do without your satellite television for a little while folks?

After I read that, I started asking myself, “I wonder if the Russians have any satellites up there in orbit that the United States might consider as legitimate retaliation targets if the Borises decide to get that particular boner and do something rash?”

I wish to hell that we could just walk away from this Ukraine shit but I know the consequences of doing something reckless like that … I think we would just be giving old Poon Tang an open invitation to invade NATO or, perhaps, even Alaska …and I am getting to the point these days when I am starting to get little wiggly sensations in the middle of my anal opening suggesting that we are in some deep shit right now and we might never get out of this god damned mess before our precious (Beloved) “American Dream” might be in mortal danger.

The Chinese government is reported to be engaged in another severe “Lockdown” brought on by a new wave of raging covid-19 in their population.

I have admired the Chinese response to covid-19. I hate to start sounding like the former guy, Trumpfk, but I think the Chinese government is made up of some really smart people and they have the balls collectively to address a threat like covid with some stern but effective measures to keep it in check. I wish the pansy-assed, lily-livered asswads of the American anti-vaccination crowd (Whoever they are and wherever they may be) and those stricken with the equally-dangerous disease called “Covid Denial” would get their shit together and agree to some of those China-originated protective moves here on our own home soil. If they did that I am sure there would be a lot less suffering and loss to the American People due to these pandemic screwings that we have all been forced to endure because of what I believe to be the ignorance and selfishness of others ….mostly, I hear, “Others” of the radicalized right-wing so-called “Conservative” factions of Trumpfuckificatioinal Scientific Heresy.”

I would like to see an enforcement division sending out its hazmat-clad warriors to grab unvaccinated idiots off the streets and out of their houses and take them to treatment centers to get their shots or to prisons where they could languish until the pandemic is over if they refuse treatments. I mean, whether you agree with me or not, I sincerely believe that those anti-vax nuts are a clear and present danger to the rest of society and something should be done to make sure they are not responsible for more innocent deaths than I think they have already caused.

Give Me One Million Dollars

First, let me confess that I do not need One Million Dollars but I would dearly love to have it so that I can do good works with some of it and squander some of it on myself.  Do you appreciate honesty?

Yes, I already have more than I really need for myself but I want to test the theory of Karma in connection with the Telecult Powers of The Universal Law to prove or disprove to myself that generosity of a certain magnitude activates the powers of attraction and rewards the giver with even greater abundance and the receiver with greater powers to do service to others and to self.

There are un-named billionaires within the sound of my keystrokes who already know what I am driving at because they have already experienced some of what I am talking about for themselves.  They have discovered that giving with no thought of return has rewarded them beyond their expectations and that is why some of them are devoted to the ideals of philanthropy.

I would like to suggest to some of those who have so much more of this world’s abundance than they could ever use for themselves alone that a free gift of One Million Dollars, given randomly to someone like me, with no strings attached, and with no expectancy of anything from me in return, could (Might) ignite a firestorm of positive attraction in their lives that they might be unable to contain the blessings stemming from it all.

I am not guaranteeing such results because like I said, this is an experiment and in some respects, this idea transcends the bounds of incredibility.  I am sure that to some folks, what I am proposing here might even sound unhinged.  But as they say, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I am not sure, given the possessive nature of some folks, that this theory has ever really been tested on a significant scale.  But it is a thought that I am having and it is based in some measure on a cyberpsychonetic theory that I am playing around with.  It has to do with visualization and the possibility of creating something tangible with nothing more than intense visualization and the practice of speaking material realities into existence with words and thoughts alone.

To realize anything from this experiment, I am casting my bread upon the waters with this blog post fully expecting that somehow it will be seen, read and considered by those who are meant by destiny to do so and that when the appropriate people with the appropriate means do read it they will be moved in their hearts and spirits to respond to my request and test the theory for themselves.

By the way … if someone does elect to send me a free gift of One Million Dollars, be informed that I will only accept once such gift and all other such gifts will be declined. It is a matter of first come, first served and I will be the sole arbiter of who that generous soul will be. I will have the final say on who the first to respond is.  I think that is fair and I am not a greedy person.

I know that there are some people out there in the vastness of everywhere who are so wealthy that a paltry million dollars is nothing but pocket change to them and it is to those people I am sending this appeal.

I now commit this information into the hands of destiny and await the moving of the waters of possibility to bring it all into being.



“You’ll Never Be Content”

If I were to write a story where someone tells me, “You will never be content” I will have to dredge up memories of most of the assholes in my life who have tried to hold me back with their nay-saying.

I guess the first of such depressing events was the time when a person who I thought was my best friend became angry with me and told me, “You will never be anything in this life, you will never leave this hole that you live in.”  His name was “Skip” and he was angry with me because he was “Gay” and I was not and I had resisted his physical advances.

Skip was wrong, of course, because I believe it was the very week that he had said that when I went to a large nearby city and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force for four years.,

The next time I encountered someone trying to squash my ambitions was the day that my own father, a manual laborer in a local cemetery (A gravedigger who dug graves by hand with a pick and shovel — a job that he had worked for many years –told me one day, “You were born poor and you will always be a working man and if you know what is good for you, you will work here with me in this cemetery once you get out of the Air Force,”

The vision of myself being a 65-year-old gray-haired man with a shovel in my hand, working for shit wages for the rest of my life was enough to propel me to go into industry and, through hard work … through good times and bad times … rise to ownership and more money than I had ever imagined could possibly exist … especially for me.

The moral of this story is, “Never cave into other people’s expectations of who and what you are or what you might ever do or be because the truth is, you can achieve in life whatever you can perceive in your mind through a burning desire to succeed.

There are no known exceptions to this universal law.

Might Not Be So Bad

I noticed this morning that I have had one thousand comments on “Liming’s Links” so maybe it isn’t such a shit blog as I had imagined after all. Thanks to everyone, sane people and trolls, who have taken the time to send me a comment.  I love every one of you … except for the few assholes that I have blocked because you just had to keep calling me nasty names.

I noticed that somebody was selling domains for just a little over $3.00 yesterday and they are selling them this morning for a little over $4.00 so all I can say is “Piss Off” because I already have my domain!

I didn’t win the state lottery again last night but then, when you think about it, I do not need to win it at all … and I still don’t know why I even play the damned thing. If I were to win a million dollars in a lottery it would be nothing but a pain in the ass for me because I already have everything that I need and adding more to the picture would only be obscene flaunting.

Human composting is coming of age in some people’s minds.  It means that when people die, their remains will be processed into a form of fertilizer that can be used to grow crops and flowers and whatever.  “Oh, Uncle Melvin?  That is him over there under those roses in the window box.”

I almost brought my chef to tears this morning when I requested a breakfast consisting of “Spam,” a processed meat product in a can, potato chips and brussels sprouts. But, as always, I got my way.

Some inventive mind in California has come up with a new flavor of ice cream that is gaining some popularity in the Van Nuys region …the new flavor is “Ketchup.”




The End Of Another Sunday

The website, Medium, uses a large 21px font on their site so I thought I would try it on mine.

I have caught the editor inserting words in strange places on my blog posts again.  This necessitates a really close watch on proofreading.  It is inconvenient but what am I going to do about it?  I guess I will have to save a draft for every paragraph I write.

I had to eliminate my re-blog button on today … and my “Blogs I Follow” list because there are some bloggers who are so worried about other people stealing their materials without their permission — and there is so much  talk about plagiarism and copyright violations …. it just isn’t worth the hassle of the risk.  It is the same with pictures for the blogs.  But I am using “Pixabay” for pictures so maybe I will be safe in that department.  If you want to know what “Pixabay” is then I suggest that you Google it because I am not going to link to it.  I have been reminded that links to other websites is another problem that can get a blogger into trouble.  Too many bloggers — many of which are mediocre — are so vain about their talent that they get overprotective of their stuff and ruin the fun of the blogging game for the rest of us.

I found a blood blister on my toe today so now I have a bandage on it.  It doesn’t hurt.  My friend, Jim, and I went to a “Pretzel Festival” in a nearby community and even though the health experts tell us we are still seeing 400 new cases of the covid 19 pandemic every day, the crowd at the pretzel festival was huge and there wasn’t a face mask to be seen anywhere.  I will not be doing that again for awhile.

Ukrainian President Zelensky told somebody in an interview either today or yesterday that Putin’s latest threat to use nuclear weapons in the Ukraine/Russian war was probably no longer an empty threat.  That is something worth losing a little sleep over if you ask me. I would love to wake up some morning soon and find out that Putin is no longer a problem.  But I think I would be pissing in the wind to even wish for such a thing.

I think I have invented a new way to make some pretty delicious pecan rolls:

Bake a can of biscuits that you find in rolls at grocery stores.
Split the biscuits in two.
Toast one side of the biscuits in butter in a skillet on a stovetop.
Drizzle the toasted sides of the biscuits with pure honey.
Pack some chopped pecan pieces onto the toasted sides of the biscuits.

A perfectly delicious version of a pecan roll.

Someone informed me today that if I eat three servings of cooked brown rice — one serving before each meal of the day — that it will cause me to eat less and help me to shed a couple of pounds.  I am going to try it for a few days and see. I will let you know how it works out.






Adventitious Flukyness

Everyone should know that if you have not been good Santa Claus will leave you a lump of coal for Christmas instead of cookies and candy.  That is the traditional tale.  So if that is true, then why was the freezing little Russian boy in Siberia so filled with joy when he got his lump of coal?  Can you tell me that?

Junior and Howard are at the dog pound looking
for a hunting dog for Howard.
Junior points at one cage and says, “Howard,
look at that dog with one eye!”
Howard covers one of his eyes and says,

I am about to suggest something that will save the average American a whole lot of money over a working lifetime.

Here is my suggestion:

It has been reported that America is now trending toward smaller families.

Since that is the case now, my suggestion is that the ideal family from now on will be one man married to one woman and a dog (Or cat) as tastes go. No kids to suck up the usual Two Hundred Thousand dollars it takes to raise one these days.

A few years ago when my wife of 33 years (Now deceased) was asked by a friend, “What is the most bizarre gift your husband ever gave you?” my dearly beloved scratched her chin, thought for a moment and replied, “Himself.”

Question:  “How much legal protection should journalists have?”
Answer:  “It all depends on how sexually active the journalists are.”

Question: “What would you do if you were to win a million dollars?”
Answer:  “I would add it to my other millions of dollars in a respectable account under the control of a well-reputed Certified Financial Planner.”

To hell with world peace … I want a puppy!

If you want to increase the level of your consciousness then you need to stop reading and writing about things that destroy brain cells.  Smoking marijuana destroys brain cells.  Paying attention to the conspiracy theories of the radical Republicans not only destroys brain cells but it can make a person impotent too over a period of time.  This explains the ineptness of most Republicans who are either in the office or who are candidates for office.  Right-wing radicals are incapable of original thought.  All they can do is parrot what their own kind have told them.

I was totally offended by the suggestion that my younger brother was a homosexual until I calmed down a little bit and remembered that I do not have a brother.

I was fertilizing my field of strawberries … the field next door to the mental institution …when an inmate at the nuthouse who had been leaning on a fence called out to me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I told the inmate, “I am putting horse manure on my strawberries.”

The inmate replied, “We put whipped cream on ours.”

The spa attendant applied the cleaning mask to the customer’s ass and all those who were standing around observing the procedure gave a sigh of relief … in perfect unison.

Being serious for a minute now, I am going to the eye doctor again tomorrow to have my vision tested and to see if my glaucoma is still under control.


Today Again

I always wondered if a blog that does nothing but talk about the details of somebody’s life would get any readers and that is what I find myself doing these days and yes, the answer is “I do get some readers.”  I don’t get a carload of readers but the readers that do honor me by visiting my blog are more precious to me than gold and I love them just as much as if they were my own flesh and blood family.

So here I am, this morning, doing it again … blabbing my guts out about this and that and everything and nothing in particular.  Thank you for your patience and your kindness.

Breakfast this morning was something I had never tried before.  The thing that I tried for the first time this morning is called “Goetta.”  I had Two ounces of fried Goetta and two eggs.  The meat/grain combination was pleasant enough and it had some hot pepper in it that made it even more enjoyable. Here is an expiation “Goetta” —is a meat-and-grain sausage or mush of German inspiration.  It is primarily composed of ground meat (pork, or sausage and beef), pin-heat oats and spices.  It was originally a dish meant to stretch out servings of meat over several meals to conserve money, and is a similar dish to scrapple and liver mush, both also developed by German immigrants.  Serving for serving, it surely is less expensive than plain old sausage.

Free Brown Bread on Brown Wooden Chopping Board Stock Photo

Chasing The Fat
After years of worrying about being overweight, I am coming to the decision that I should be satisfied with myself the way I am.  My years-long obsession with weight control and dieting has caused me nothing but grief and worry, and I am starting to think that as long as I am healthy and fit, I should just lay back and stop ruminating and just enjoy what life I have left.

person standing on white digital bathroom scale

I ordered a new set of Reebok “Ridge Rider” mens’ hiking sneakers today because I love the Reebok brand and the Ridge Riders have rubber soles which means that the shoes are slip resistant.  With all those shiny floors at the Veterans Administration Medical Center and in the various retail establishments … floors that look like they are made of ice or that they are covered with oil or something …I need a slip resistant shoe.

Reebok Men's Ridgerider 6.0 Hiking Shoe

I would like to mention at this point that I am not being compensated in any manner whenever I mention a product name here on this blog and I am not advertising any products.  I am sharing information about products that I have in my possession or that I would like to have or that I have ordered.

So now I have finished another blog post and if anything else happens that I think is interesting, I will be back on here to share again.

Until then, thanks for reading.

Unleash The Power Of Attraction In Your Own Life

Free photos of Inspiration

Everything I have ever had that is worth having has been brought to me by “The Law of Attraction.”

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle also sometimes referred to as “Universal Law.” In the world of the Christian, The Law of Attraction is known as faith in God.

The Law of Attraction is based on the assumption/theory/fact (However you wish to define it) that whatever your situation is now has been formed by your thought processes somewhere along the line.  It also supposes that whatever your situation in the future might be, that future will be formed, molded and delivered to you because of the thought processes that dominate you life at the present moment.

This is not only theoretical but I believe can be demonstrated and proven.

It has certainly worked for me.  It has gotten me out of the worse scrapes of my life and has brought me the greatest rewards of living.

You don’t have to believe in The Law of Attraction because whether you choose to believe in it or not, it is all around you all the time constantly working to shape your reality and you can actually get to the point where you can use it to your advantage … use it to bring about life-changing circumstances.

In 1978 when I had gone totally bankrupt and lost everything I had ever worked for, I discovered how to use The Laws of Attraction and I developed the habit of constantly visualizing myself out of the bind I had gotten into and into prosperous circumstances again.  I used self-affirmations and prayers and visualizations every day for Two years and suddenly, in 1982, the universe presented me with an opportunity that started a chain reaction and led me to the best life I have ever lived — much better than the life I had lost through my own neglect and carelessness.

So having said that, I will now share a  link with you to an article that I read and that I think tells people much of what they need to know in order to get this power working in their own lives.  Will it work for you?  I guarantee nothing!  I am sharing my own experiences here and sharing information with  whoever reads this post.  The link I want to share is here:

Like I said before, in 1978 I didn’t have a pot to pee in but by 1982 my feet were back on solid ground again.

I had to live a life of stark poverty for a couple of years between 1978 and 1982 and at times I was so depressed, thinking that I would never be able to rise out of my troubles.  But when inspiration began flowing to me from the heavens above, I was empowered by massive confidence that I would be victorious and the confidence came that drove me to start believing and to start uttering words of faith and to start visualizing myself in a better position … and it finally manifested for me and it has been working for me ever since.

Like I said before I am not selling anything here, I am not paid to promote anything here .. I am sharing stuff that I have seen, used or done with people who might be interested and I am not guaranteeing that anything I write in this post will work for everybody, but I can affirm that it has worked very well for me.