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The Wretched Rise Of Gun Violence In America

“We send our thoughts and prayers out to the victim’s families” — and that is all we are going to do because there are too many Republicans (and some democrats, to be fair) who have become wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Gun industry and who will remain so as long as there is a dollar to be made in the gun industry and the death industry. Period! End of argument! No more debates are required! It is settled and has been settled for decades.

There has been wrangling and wrestling and cursing and worrying about gun violence in America for decades now but the evidence tells me that this sort of thing is now fully ingrained into the DNA of the American self-concept and nobody is ever going to pry it out and no matter how many children die or how many adults die from criminally-murderous – minded freaks who choose to get their jollies off by shooting innocent people with guns — nothing is ever going to change … not now, not tomorrow, not next month, not next year, not fucking ever!

There are now more guns in the United States than there are people and no matter how woefully people will look at the other countries where there are no gun violence problems .. or where there are damned few gun violence problems … that freedom from gun violence is never going to come to America because it should be obvious to any with half a brain that there are multitudes of deviated people who walk among us developing their blood lust … a blood lust that is more than likely to erupt at any moment without warning almost anyplace in the nation.

It is now possible for Americans to die for just walking in their own neighborhoods,.

It is now possible to get a bullet in the brain for no other reason than going to a shopping mall or a theater or a restaurant, a public park, an amusement park, a national park, a city park, a school, a college, a barber shop, a pizza house, a drive down a busy highway, no place is safe … living a normal life today in America is kind of like a lottery because of guns and gun nuts … a lottery that gives players the chance to live or die (Take your choice) when doing almost anything that was once considered to be a normal thing for Americans to do.

Go out and start playing a softball game with some friends and “Pow” you are shot just as you swing your bat.

It is becoming almost a suicidal act anymore just to attend an event where there is a crowd of people … sitting ducks … innocent ducks just wanting to have a good time … perfect targets for some swine with a mental hang-up and a gun that can shoot a hundred rounds of ammunition in a few seconds.

And the congress sends out thoughts and prayers and issues statements and has little arguments among themselves about the violence problem while King Gun sits silently on his throne … the place where he controls the American dialogue and masturbates at the thought of all the chaos and spilled blood that he can generate, freely, randomly, anywhere and everywhere he chooses, with relative impunity.

I find it repugnant that two entire classrooms of little kids slaughtered for no reason inside their schools could not move Congress to do something about those damnable AR-style weapons whose only real purpose is the killing of people and which were once banned in this country. I find it reprehensible that the right-wing radicals oppose red flag gun laws …and background checks ….and other measures that might prevent a lot of nutwads from getting their hands on their substitute penises (Guns).

But this is the same old shit that everybody has been talking about for years and years now with nothing ever getting done to fix the situation.

So I ask, “What’s the use of rehashing it all again?”

Wretchedness For The Masses Now Available To Everyone

I have changed the name of my blog to more accurately describe the value of my personal opinions to the seekers of truth, justice, and the American way. As you can see, this is the most humble name I have ever had for my blog and it is probably the most accurate. So if you have landed here and you are ready to be bored to death with the meaningless opinions and virulentizations of a crazy old man, you have come to the right place.

I am the kind of guy who looks at things through my own lens. I can afford to do that because I have worked my ass off for decades to get into a position where I can do that.

In the old days, my general worldview could be summed up in a simple sentence that read, “Anybody who does not agree with me about everything all the time can bite my ass.” Since then, the very act of living in an ever-increasingly insane world has caused me to soften my position somewhat. A sentence that might more accurately describe me these days is, “The people I trust most in this life are those people who pay my bills for me or who keep my bed warm.” Like my friend, Randy, used to tell everybody, “That John is a real whore.”

Do you like to read stuff that is well-researched and presented in perfect scholarly language devoid of all profane language or suggestions? You will not find it here. Here you will find the gutsy and sometimes gut-wrenching observations of someone who, by reason of age, experience and wealth has earned the right to be as nasty-assed as he wants to be and which he generally is.

Someone might challenge me and say, “But if that is the real you then you are going to run all the people who might otherwise come to like your blog away forever” to which I shall instantly reply, “This is the real world. This is a hard and harsh world. Reality is not creampuffs and candy canes. The real world is a constant shitstorm or challenge that requires a down-to-earth vernacular of the vulgar to address the truth in the most gut-level way possible. I will never sugarcoat shit when I write something. If I think something stinks I will call it shit.

If you like that level of honesty then you are going to love me. I rarely ever fail to offend or to shock somebody with something that I have written and I think that is a good thing because if somebody reads something like that, it might impress them enough that they remember some of it, maybe even dwell on it far longer than if it had been presented in courteous and considerable prose.

I will do my best to present honest opinions to you but I want you to understand that everything I write on this blog is nothing but my own personal opinion and observation. Nothing I write is anything other than opinion unless I declare it to be otherwise .. which is a rarity. I am not a debater and I am not going to use this blog to satisfy some super ego-maniac’s desire to prove himself or herself superior to me.

Even with my personal megalomaniacal brand of super arrogance presented in deliciously crafted vitriol, profanity and other such caustic and often offensive verbiage, somebody might like me enough to read my crap and leave me comments on it. Anyone certainly is welcome to comment on this blog as long as the comments are legal and do not piss me off too much.

At any rate that is who I am and that is what this is … for better or for worse … know that if you like me at all, I will fucking love you!

So have I just killed this mother f***ing blog or have I increased interest in it? Time will tell.

The Republicans Are Up To Their Old Tricks Yet Again

If you think the Republican party is going to get more in tune with American political traditionalism as time moves forward, you, my friend, are pissing in the wind.

Right now they are reported to be refusing to certify the results of the mid-term elections just recently concluded in a couple of counties in Arizona and Pennsylvania. I guess the old Trump Trick has gotten into the DNA of the Republicans and I guess they will be filing a lot of lawsuits over the elections and, of course, losing their collective asses in the court system — unless their case is heard by one of the Trump-appointed judges … and if that happens, then the will of the People will be ignored — a convenient way for Republicans to steal elections. I have always said that Republicans could never win an election fairly and they are beginning to prove me right.

The Republicans seem to me to be extremely desperate to get their crazy, dangerous agendas written into law, and even as I write this, legislators in some Republican-dominated states are working their asses off to change the voting laws in their states to try and make sure that their own candidates for public office have little or no competition at the ballot boxes.

Now, these people are reportedly introducing legislation in their jurisdictions that will allow them to change the results of elections to favor themselves. You heard that right. They want to make laws that will allow them to override the will of the voters in their states and change the results of elections to make them come out anyway they want them to. So if they can get away with it and John Q. Public (A democrat) wins an election and defeats John Q. Public 2, a Republican, the state will be able to overturn the results of the election and give the win to the Republican candidate … and when they get through twisting their voting laws, it will all be perfectly legal.

How about them apples, folks?

The United States Could End The War In Ukraine By Withdrawing From NATO

Read that headline again. That is the argument that a lot of right wing Republicans are pushing these days.

The Republicans are arguing about the billions of dollars that the United States could save by exiting NATO and bringing an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine,. I am sure the Republicans would love to get their hands on those billions of dollars too.

The same Republicans are arguing that if the United States were to exit NATO and thereby throw millions of Ukrainians under the murderous thumb of Putin’s crowd, Putin would have no more reasons to think of the United States as a threat to Russia.

I would like to remind those idiots that Putin’s long-term goal is not merely the defeat of Ukraine but is also part of his plan to recapture all the original Soviet satellite nations and restore the glory of the empire of the Tsars. I am sure that Putin would love to be a Tsar.

While I am rowing my boat in these waters, I would also like to remind the idiot Republicans who are barking this song about leaving NATO, that the same Russian dictator who is torturing Ukraine right now and who has this plan to re-establish Russian glory by recapturing all the original Russian-controlled areas of the world more than likely considers Alaska to be part of those original Russian territories to be added, when the time is right, to his crusade.

I am sure if that were to happen, The United States and Sara Palin would not just stand aside and allow it. I am sure that if Putin invaded Alaska, there would be some fairly strong resistance from the United States. (Unless Putin-loving Republicans are in power at the time. If the Putin-loving Republicans are in power when Putin goes after Alaska, I am thinking they would probably be the ones who willingly open the doors of Alaska to him and his invaders.

If that were to happen, I am thinking those idiot Republicans would probably invite Putin and his generals to a White House dinner along with some anti-semitists and a few white nationalists too.

O.K., So Trump Had Some Controversial Dinner Guests; So What?

First of all, let me make my position crystal clear …. I am starting to sound like a politician, aren’t I? — LOL — Trump is a fine fellow and has accomplished some truly remarkable things in his career, both as a businessman and as a politician. He did it against all odds. He did it all despite all expectations.

Gotta give credit where credit is due. Lots of us have scaled the ladder in one way or another — I did not get rich overnight and I will bet that most of the people reading this post didn’t either … It was a struggle …. a long struggle … a hard struggle. But burning desire and perseverance got the job done, didn’t it?

No, I have nothing against Donald Trump. I just do not believe he is the right man for the American Presidency. I also do not believe that anyone in his orbit is fit to be president either … nope, none of them!

But about this dinner thing ….

Trump had dinner with a holocaust denier and a white nationalist. This set the political world ablaze with disgust, amazement, verbal retaliations, and probably a lot of fear since Trump is running for president again and might make it this time.

I wouldn’t be inclined to invite those kinds of people to dinner if it was me … but it wasn’t me! It was Trump!

I imagine that if Trump wanted to do so, he could also invite Vladimir Putin or that fat little Korean dictator whose name escapes me for the moment because I do not really think that his name is worth remembering ….or he could invite Viktor Horeban or who the hell ever he is …. the Hungarian guy ….. and that would really give the world something to ruminate about, wouldn’t it?

Maybe it is a good thing that Trump had this specific dinner at this specific time. Maybe it was a good thing because it kind of shows the American voter where Trump is on some issues — issues such as “Who makes for good dinner company and who does not?”

I kind of believe that a person is influenced by the company they keep. I am sure that this dinner of Trump’s did not go off without some kind of conversation or exchange of ideas.

I just hope that if the ideas that may have been exchanged had anything to do with holocaust denial, antisemitism or white nationalism, they did not filter into Trump’s thinking process as something to be incorporated into future policy if he should indeed become president again.

Sunday 27 November 2022

I started using a new rinse for my clothes washer today. It is a fragrance like lavender and it keeps my clothes smelling fresh for longer than if I do not use it.

Speaking of clothes, I am adopting a new look for 2022. I am pairing a blazer jacket with a pair of blue jeans, shirt, tie and sneaker shoes for casual to semi-formal occasions. I got the idea from a New York Men’s Fashion magazine. If I do not want to wear a regular dress shirt with this outfit, I can substitute a turtle-neck sweater. I think it looks appropriately eccentric for me.

I am not traveling much these days because of all diseases running rampant. But the last time I traveled anywhere, I was disappointed with some of the hotels I stayed in.

One of my biggest problems with hotels during my most recent stays was that the hotels do not seem to be as clean as they once were. I have actually found a $500-dollar-per-night hotel room in an upscale hotel (which is the only kind I patronize) with a bed that had stains on the sheets.

Another historical and iconic place that I spent the night in … the first room they gave me had bedbugs. The second room did not have bedbugs but I began to develop a negative view of these places that I never had when I was a lot younger.

I used to write a lot of poetry when I was bored but I never really did anything with any of it. Nowadays I confine my writing to the blog on my big, almost new, custom-built 27-9nch screen desktop which I adore because it is so damned fast and I had a special cooling unit put into it so that it will never overheat. It cost me around Two Thousand dollars but it has been well worth it.

I have been experimenting with fonts for my blog and recently I used a special device to ty to install a font named “Arbutus Slab” because it seems to me to be very comfortable to read. I hope that is the font that is displaying right now and I would appreciate it if you let me know it if is, indeed the font that you are looking at when you read on my blog. The Arbutus slab font looks like this —–

The New font DOES NOT look like this: —

So let me know if I have been successful in changing the fonts and I will appreciate it a lot.

See you tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in the morning for my annual check-up.

Announcing Today

I guess I am linking to myself this morning. So — good morning, everybody!

I have discovered that if I eat a whole can of Chef Boyardee mini ravioli for breakfast, I definitely do not get hungry before lunchtime and it helps me to control my weight. President Biden had suggested that to somebody and so I decided to try it and it works for me.

I started on the path to trying out doing online surveys but I chickened out because they want too many permissions to access my personal information. I was assured that the site I was thinking about was safe but, like I said, I chickened out. The site in question is something called “Survey Junkie.

I had the idea that doing online surveys would make a good hobby — I definitely do not need the money because everything I touch seems to turn to gold anyway ….but it isn’t going to happen at this point. Just a precautionary measure.

I got out of bed this morning and had my shower and got dressed to the max thinking we were going to go downtown and do some shopping. After I had done all that, I checked my schedule and this foray is not scheduled until tomorrow. So I settled down and watched “Meet The Press” on the television, ate a few pretzels and curled up on the couch.

Lunch today will be what is left of the turkey breast. I am going to slice some of it and put it on a slice of bread under a mound of mashed potatoes and gravy — a sort of turkey “Hotshot” if you will. Tomorrow I am going to roast a few chicken breast halves and use them as my diet food for the next week,. I have managed to lose 8 pounds and I am proud of it.

I have decided that for Christmas presents this year I will be giving natural uncut diamond jewelry. Natural uncut diamond jewelry seems to be a fad this year.

Average Mundane Simplistic Boring Blog Post

Well, folks, I am guessing that I am not the only one out there with a Thanksgiving hangover today. I am not talking about having too many alcoholic drinks either. I am talking about that lazy, bloated feeling (and the guilt that goes with it) from eating too much on the holiday. But isn’t that The American Way?

Isn’t that what our ancestors fought to establish and isn’t that what generations of our brave American heroes have given their lives for …. so that we can enjoy these sumptuous, belly-stuffing, materialistic holidays that we always manage to do like clockwork every year? Did Jesus really die for our right to own guns?

My friend, and constant companion, Jim, and I cut back a little on our Thanksgiving dinner this year. Instead of dealing with a whole turkey, we bought a breast and roasted it to perfection and that was enough for the two of us, Very simple dinner this year: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, lima bean, and corn succotash, and choice of coffee or tea. Very simple, very restrained, and very delicious.

We went to Wally World and got our little artificial tree for Christmas. It is made entirely of aluminum and is silver in color. It is about 4-1/2-feet tall. Kind of short but enough for the two of us. We didn’t decorate at all last year. Jim felt the loss more than I did so this year we are getting out all the colorful junk and kicking “Bah Humbug” to the curb. I mean at our age we need to enjoy something of the season, right? After all, there is more to life than money, right?

As Jim and I were saying the blessing over our meal and doing our prayer of Thanksgiving, the thought came to my mind that the Wampanoag People would not probably have felt so blessed these days because of their courtesies to the earliest settlers. But a devil appeared behind me and whispered in my ear, “But that was their problem and not yours, right? Go ahead and feel good about being a glutton for at least one day a year.”

We did not go downtown this year to watch any commercialized gaudy parades in the company of masses of possibly diseased people spreading their germs around because we have already had upper respiratory infections this year and did not want to invite any more of them. Besides, I was not in the mood to hear any partisan speeches given by over-fed, ridiculously-costumed wannabe patriots, so we did the righteous thing and stayed at home.

Poverty–What’s It Good for?

I tried to re-blog this item from In Saner Thought using the reblog feature of WordPress.Com, but for some reason, it does not work so I am re-blogging this most important article via copy and paste and I hope it works out. I am reblogging this because it is 100% true and 100% relevant to every citizen of The United States of America.


I do hope that everyone had a great day on Thanksgiving…I did….and since viewership is down on this Black Friday I will only post one  today so my readers do not miss any of my sterling observations.

A growing problem in this country is that of the state known as poverty….of course these days someone is going to blame inflation as the culprit…..but sadly the problem is much older than that.

I have been writing about this situation for decades……some of my thoughts are posted here…..

The promises the Founders promised in the original documents of this nation have failed and failed badly.

The old pieces of manure that are the political leaders do not want to change the status quo….they need poverty so the institution continues with little action to achieve the promises of the past.

One party is capitalizing on poverty and it’s darker side…..crime…..

The Republican Party is running a huge scam right now, similar to the one they ran in 1992 when President George HW Bush was setting up phony cocaine busts across the street from the White House and running his infamous Willie Horton ad.

Here’s the essential formula:

  • Increase levels of inequality in the country to the point where poverty and homelessness are a crisis.
  • Do this with huge, trillion-dollar tax cuts for rich people so they get massively richer, while gutting social-safety-net programs and supports for working class people like unions.
  • Poverty and homelessness increase which produces an increase in crime, and that freaks out middle-class people — the majority of voters.
  • Then build your political identity and campaign around being “tough on crime” while completely ignoring the fact that the poverty you helped create is largely responsible for much of that crime.
  • Blame the poverty-driven crime, instead, on “welfare” programs Democrats have put into place to try to soften the blow of the poverty caused by Republican policies.

This is not a new idea. Around 170 A.D. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “Poverty is the mother of crime,” although he was actually trying to reduce both in the wake of others who’d made poverty and thus crime worse.

And then there’s inequality, which it turns out is at least as consequential as poverty as a driver of criminal behavior.

Years of research done by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett of the Equality Trust in the UK found that as inequality goes up, so does crime particularly violent crime.

There is an easy fix to this problem….it may not eliminate all the inequalities but it will lessen the problem somewhat….

Here is a novel idea…..wage war on poverty not the poor!

The demonization of the poor continues today….these unfortunate Americans are blamed for everything from low tax revenues to crumbling infrastructure….not a word about the tax cuts that also cut revenue for the nation….if blame needs to be assigned then look NO further than the GOP.

Again…wage war on poverty not the poor.


I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

Looking Back

If you want to understand what is wrong with Republicans these days, all you have to do is look back a little and see how they fawned over such personages as Bachman and Allan West. Just doing that one little research project should soon prove to you why Conservatives have lost their minds.