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Being Somewhat Functionally Dysfunctional

I somehow managed to catch a case of COVID-19 a few weeks ago after spending months taking every recommended precaution.  I got a mild case and the symptoms were not too bad.  I managed to get through it but there are some minor lingering symptoms.  I am more easily tired than before but other than that, I think I will live.  There was no organ damage and I am grateful for that report.

I woke up this morning with a split toenail on my big toe on my left foot.  I have no idea where that came from.  I am going to work on trimming some of it later today.  It does not seem to affect my ability to put on socks or to take them off.  My toenails used to grab onto my socks sometime when I was putting them on and make runners in them. But that is not as much of a problem anymore.

Since I retired about 12 years ago, I do a lot of lounging around, resting, napping … I love a bed.  I am addicted to my Thousand Dollar bed.  I love to run a fan in the bedroom because I enjoy the soft rush of air and somehow I get a sense that it helps me to breathe better too.  I am not short of breath but I think the fan does wonders because the air in here is always so fresh and pure.  I don’t have any pets in the house to fart the air up anymore so it is fresh and pure except for cooking odors coming from our massive kitchen downstairs.

Went to the grocery store today.  When we got there, there was a large black man in a cowboy hat, leaning against the front of the building, strumming on a guitar.  He had an open back pack laid on the concrete walk in front of him and I assume he was collecting “Donations” from people passing by.  It became obvious to me that he really wasn’t playing a song on the guitar, he was just mindlessly strumming away and staring into space hoping that some fool would throw a dollar into his backpack on the ground.  While I was in the store, the police arrived and removed the guitar player.  There is a lot of that kind of thing going on around here these days.  I have seen whole families of people, Mom, Pop and all the kids, panhandling in parking lots of shopping centers and theater complexes.  Sad state of affairs.