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The Thrill And The Challenges Of Blogging


Some people say that blogging is dead and that blogging has been killed by the convenience and speed of other social media. I am here to challenge that idea and to suggest that blogging is as effective and as much fun as it ever was. So if you have tried blogging and gotten discouraged or if you are starting a new blog, I want to share some tips with you after being a blogger for more than 10 years now.

There are many reasons for blogging. My reasons are that I enjoy sharing my thoughts, my ideas, and my experiences with the world. I have always believed that somebody out there in the vastness of this universe that we all live in thinks along the same or similar lines that I do and that if I keep on writing a blog, sooner or later the people who share my views will appear, read my blog and become regular readers. So far, I have found that to be basically true.

I would suggest, at this point, that you start out slowly, writing about things that you know something about, things that you are comfortable blogging about and things that you find interesting. You will discover, sooner or later, that there are many other people who share your interests.

Now while writing a blog post every day has been suggested by a lot of experts, I can tell you from experience that this can lead to burnout after a while. It is a good idea if you are filled with ideas that you want to share and if you have a lot of patience and determination to write things that are well-researched and that make sense and, especially, things that can be of help to other people or something that can amuse, inform, entertain or challenge others.

I find that I am capable of writing more than one post every day if I want to but some people are just fine with writing a single post each day or once or twice a week … and some folks only write a post once a month or so …. the secret to success is to be consistent. People who look for your blog want to see your content appearing on a more or less regular basis and at or near approximately the same time. It does not have to be perfect, just regular, just consistent.

If your life is interesting or funny, then you can be assured that your audience will probably find your writing to be funny and interesting as well because the thoughts that come out in writing are the thoughts that are hidden in the heart and as you continue to write, those thoughts will come to the fore and create the persona of your blog.

Try to remember that it takes time … sometimes a lot of time … for people to find your blog on the internet so be patient. If you feel like your blog is not getting the number of readers that you desire, at first, then remember that as time goes by more and more people will find you. You have to keep in mind that whether you are as talented as Shakespeare or as plain as an old shoe, it takes time to build your blog audience so patience is a real virtue … just keep writing … do not give up …if you write it, somebody will eventually find it and read it.

Do not try to be an expert writer. You will polish your writing style as you go along. Just write the same way you would talk to a friend .. friendly, chatty, uncomplicated. Do not worry about using big words or complicated themes. Just say what is on your mind and remember to use short sentences and paragraphs. People generally will not read every word you write anyway. They will “Skip Read” unless they are the kind of person who loves to read every word — and there are some people who enjoy reading so much that they actually will savor every word you write … but like I said, many will read as fast as they can and skip over a lot of what you write. Never allow this to discourage you.

Be yourself, be authentic, be positive, be relatable and be as transparent as you can about yourself and the things that you write about.

Did I mention that it is always a good idea to include some pictures or photographs in your blog posts? You can take your own pictures, of course and scan them onto your blogs through your computer photo program. Or you can find a lot of pictures you can use without worrying about infringing on somebody’s copyright from some of the following resources:


Here is a resource for even more pictures and photos for your blogs:

Thank you for your kind attention.

There Are Many Motivations For Blogging

Why do people blog? Good question, not such an easy answer because there are so many different kinds of blogs and so many different types of personalities.

Some people blog as a method of escapism … much like going to a movie or watching a favorite TV program … to escape the rat race for a period of time … to relax … to take a mini-writing vacation as it were. Some folks find comfort and peace of mind in their blogging efforts.

There are people who have fairly great stores of actual experience and knowledge that they wish to share with the world in the hopes of helping somebody along the way. After 84 years of living on earth, and having been almost everywhere and done almost everything, I sort of consider myself to be in this kind of company. There are plenty of sayings in the common vernacular claiming that with age comes wisdom.

There are blogs that are written for the sole purpose of entertaining people and giving pleasure to the blogger in the writing of these missives.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of blogging?

A blog is generally easy to get up and get going … the process might require some folks to undergo a small learning curve ….a learning curve that might (Probably does) require some level of proficiency in operating a computer or a cell phone or an I pad or some such related device.

In most cases, creating and publishing a blog is more or less an inexpensive proposition … unless you really want to go big time and rent time on a special “Server” or actually go to the expense of owning your own server and getting it online and maintaining it … This sort of thing demands a lot of operating capital though …

There are disadvantages to blogging too … one of the most important disadvantages that I can think of is the fact that a lot … an awful lot … of blogs these days contain misinformation, disinformation, alternative facts (Lies), and all sorts of trash. Those with right-leaning political inclinations are probably the best-known group of people who would publish a blog with lots and lots of “Imaginative” treatment of real facts in order to try to persuade the world that their way is the only way in every aspect of daily living.

There are a lot of scholarly blogs on the web too … You can read more about that RIGHT HERE. If you are a nut for education, you will find many many interesting and authoritative things in the ever-growing world of scholarly blogs. I think Egg Heads and Nerds would be fascinated by the world of scholarly blogs… and those seeking higher education, of course.

Then there are bloggers like myself and I have to admit that we are more or less an exclusive group because of the high degree of egocentric self-perception required for membership and for an unlimited love for all things eccentric. There is absolutely nothing “Normal” about members of my group because we are all rugged individualists, tuned to our individualism to a high degree, and we hardly ever align ourselves with the social herd when it comes to analyzing things. I believe the reason we can co-exist with the rest of humanity is that by some means and mechanisms we have raised ourselves above the commonality of the socio-economic fray and are, in most senses of the words, “Literally Free.” (Except for the annoyances we have to endure from the externals that hold our social order together.) Those we tolerate.

I Changed My Blog Font Again

Always looking to improve the appearance and readability of “Liming’s Links” for my readers, I have once again changed the main typeface because I feel that the typeface that I have chosen is one of the easiest to read and easiest on the eyes of any I have seen in a long, long time.

So now, my “Font Stack” looks like this:
font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, "Segoe UI", Roboto, "Helvetica Neue", Arial, sans-serif;

I think it looks grand.  What do You think?

Here is where you can read more about font stacks —-
You are welcome.

Tell me what you think.



Might Not Be So Bad

I noticed this morning that I have had one thousand comments on “Liming’s Links” so maybe it isn’t such a shit blog as I had imagined after all. Thanks to everyone, sane people and trolls, who have taken the time to send me a comment.  I love every one of you … except for the few assholes that I have blocked because you just had to keep calling me nasty names.

I noticed that somebody was selling domains for just a little over $3.00 yesterday and they are selling them this morning for a little over $4.00 so all I can say is “Piss Off” because I already have my domain!

I didn’t win the state lottery again last night but then, when you think about it, I do not need to win it at all … and I still don’t know why I even play the damned thing. If I were to win a million dollars in a lottery it would be nothing but a pain in the ass for me because I already have everything that I need and adding more to the picture would only be obscene flaunting.

Human composting is coming of age in some people’s minds.  It means that when people die, their remains will be processed into a form of fertilizer that can be used to grow crops and flowers and whatever.  “Oh, Uncle Melvin?  That is him over there under those roses in the window box.”

I almost brought my chef to tears this morning when I requested a breakfast consisting of “Spam,” a processed meat product in a can, potato chips and brussels sprouts. But, as always, I got my way.

Some inventive mind in California has come up with a new flavor of ice cream that is gaining some popularity in the Van Nuys region …the new flavor is “Ketchup.”




Blog Like An Expert From Day One

First of all forget everything the experts have said.  Just go ahead and blog and sooner or later the algorithms will find your material online and will present it for view and somebody will come and read your stuff that you write.

What I just said is all you need to know about blogging …. well not everything …. you also need to know how to stay out of legal trouble when blogging and you can learn a lot of what you need to know about that from the ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION.

But, as most of my blogger friends always tell me, just be yourself.   Do not worry about “Key Words” and topical nonsense.  Just blog your heart and sooner or later you will find a few people who like you enough they will stick with you and you will have built an audience.

Of course, if you are wealthy enough to have your own Internet server and if you can afford to hire the professionals to design your interactive website, that is another story altogether.  If you can do that, you can actually make some money from blogging.  If you have the money to advertise and promote your blog on a wide scale, then that is a definite advantage too.

I, for example, can afford a private server … and I have actually rented space on one at times past …but I have nothing to sell and I finally concluded that it was a waste of money, so I reverted to the servers used by the platforms upon which I blog and I have never missed a thing.

But if you can be satisfied with an average, ordinary blog that attracts perhaps a thousand followers over the span of a few years, then you are good to go with whatever talents and knowledge you already possess.

Just remember that it takes time to build a solid blog and to obtain a faithful following.  How much time?  I haven’t the foggiest idea.  I have been blogging for more than 11 years now and I have about a dozen wonderful, devoted, kind-hearted blogger friends who follow me for one reason or another and I consider them to be more precious than gold.

Be patient and perservere.

If you write it, they will come.

It Works! It Works!

I wrote that post about Unicorns and Blue skies awhile ago, (I think it is somewhere above this one) and guess what — I got 8 “Likes” right off the bat and that is probably more “Likes” than I have ever gotten so soon after publishing something.

So maybe I am onto something here.

Let’s try this on for size and see how many people find it fascinating:

Unicorns And Blue Skies

Free illustrations of Unicorn

Alright, everybody — Here is a blog post about unicorns and blue skies.

My friend and fellow blogger has advised me that if I stop posting political stuff and start posting unicorns and blue skies I too can get 52 people to like it the same as some other bloggers get.

So here is my first unicorns and blue skies post.

So now show me anywhere from 52 to a hundred likes please.  I have done my part.

My Blogging Future

Opinion Editorial
by John

I think my writing style is improving — maybe.  I have had a lot of experience with little neighborhood newspapers, a couple of industrial house organs, one military base newspaper and one published article in the first issue of a nationally-published magazine on the subject of “Safe Outdoor Camping.”

I believe I have the art of “Shock Jocking” down fairly well but I have been somewhat reserved in the last couple of years trying to avoid offending too many people with vitriol and virulence.  Given that, it comes down to the realization that I do not really need to be concerned about offending people because not that many people ever visit this blog anyway so I think I am safe with those who do come … because those who do come regularly have been exceedingly faithful for years now. Maybe I will get a little more raunchy in times to come — we will have to wait and see.

I used to have a number of radical right wing bloggers who loved to troll me and I loved having them do it because we could have some really spice-filled interactions that way.  But a couple of them who openly presented themselves as hyper moralists and super christians got offended with my language and stopped interacting. I think many of you know the kind of radical right winger I am talking about here …. the kind who professes to have known Jesus for many years and who have claimed to have read the Bible through for more than 40 years but who still sit naked in their desk chairs and very libidinally pleasuring themselves  while reading my stuff.  Yes, that kind of radical right wingnut and I am sure there are thousands of them out there somewhere.

For the past couple of weeks I honestly believe I have had one of the more arrogant and self-assured of these rightwads trying to debate me on issues surrounding former president playboy pretender, Trump.  But there is little room for meaningful discussions when people like this guy or gal will never bend on a point of argument but presents himself or herself as the authoritative voice possessing all knowledge of everything factual while belittling and demeaning those with which he or she is “Debating. I don’t even know why a person like that has their comments open because I don’t think that anyone who disagrees with him or her is never going to get anything out of any conversation with him or her except exasperation and fatigue.  In my opinion, This person thinks he or she knows it all but I believe all he or she really knows is the length and depth and breadth of common contemporary Conservative paranoia, lies, deceit and treachery and conspiracy theory shit.

Nevertheless, as much as I appreciate being trolled, I do appreciate this blogger for putting up with me because he or she is good for a laugh now and then as I observe just how fucking stupid I think he or she is and what a front he or she tries to put on with his or her shitty little blog.

Moving on.

I am still working on how to capture useful source material so that I can write interesting shit for the education or entertainment …more entertainment than anything … of my faithful cadre of regular readers and for those who might discover me and come on board at some future time.

I have at this blogging game for about 12 years or so now… and I am still learning a lot of stuff that I never ever knew before.  It is stimulating and I think it is keeping me from going totally senile.

I do believe that for the time being I will continue to do a lot of informal casual blabbing about whatever comes to mind because it appears to me that there are some people who enjoy that sort of thing.


Is Over-Sharing On A Blog A Good Idea?

First of all, we need to know what “Oversharing” is, don’t we?

Here is what the dictionary has to say about it: “the disclosure of an inappropriate amount of detail about one’s personal life. “Oversharing has become commonplace thanks to social media.”

I know that oversharing has become commonplace on social media because I looked at a blog this morning that specializes in oversharing and that blogger has gotten over One Billion views in the last decade.

Some people say that oversharing can be dangerous because it can reveal information about a person that would be helpful to criminals …. people who would like to steal personal identities for example.

I have another idea about oversharing.  What is my idea about oversharing?  Here is my idea about oversharing:  If a person is as clever as I am … and I am damned clever if you want my opinion, If a person is as creative and clever as I am then that person could lie a lot about himself or herself and who would know whether the oversharing person is telling the truth or not?

This brings up a valid question about myself:  “Am I really who I appear to be on “Liming’s Links” or am I a fictional character, completely made up for my own pleasure and for the entertainment of my blog audience?”  I don’t think that even I know the answer to that question.  Am I a silly old pauper without the proverbial pot to piss in or am I an extremely wealthy old eccentric with nothing better to do than to mess with other people’s heads by writing a blog filled with fantasies and lies?  The fact is, it doesn’t matter.  I am who I am and there are people who say they like me and that satisfies me a lot.  Thank you to my millions of adoring fans. LOL. You are welcome to get into my head through my blog posts but I do not allow anybody to get into my pants anymore.  Sorry about that.

Damn!  As good looking as I am, I just may have alienated thousands of avid followers.


The Screen Was Blank And It Blew My Mind

I looked at the blank page on my blog editor and thought to myself, “This damned page is blank and it should not be!”  I thought to myself again, There should be something written here …a few words, a sentence, a paragraph perhaps — maybe a bunch of paragraphs.”

But there was nothing written there.

“This is f***ing frustrating,” I said silently to myself, “There needs to be something written on this damned blank blog page.  Otherwise what good is it to even have a blog?”

To tell the truth, the fact that there was nothing written on the blank page was beyond simple frustration.  It caused a crawling sensation in my scrotum … a crawling sensation that mere scratching would not fix.

So I stared at the blank screen for awhile lamenting the fact that it was blank.  I even apologized to the blank screen because I instinctively understood that if a blank computer screen does not get something written on it for a long time, it begins to feel sad, dejected and even depressed.

But if you have gotten this far reading this, you will know that the computer screen is happier now.

My scrotum stopped itching too.