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Undercurrents In The November 2022 Elections

Republicans are starting to talk about some secret plan that the democrats have to win the election that is coming up in November of this year.  The way the Republicans are talking, you would think that it is the ordinary policy for any political party to openly share their plans for winning elections … just like winning elections is some mysterious process that requires some kind of underhanded strategies in order to win.

Of course, there are always strategies to winning elections.  That is no secret.  All parties with election candidates have worked out a strategy to try and win. And I am sure that either party to an election can say, with a lot of justification, that the opponents are sitting on some “Secret” plan and then use language to imply or give the impression that those “Secret” plans are, somehow nefarious.  Given the well-known and oft-documented generalized paranoia embraced by many Republicans, especially Republicans of the MAGA persuasion (Somebody is always perceived as “Coming to Get” everybody in the paranoid MAGA mind), it is no surprise to me or to any rational-thinking American that Right Wingers have morbid fears that their political opponents always have secret plans with which to do them in.

Some Republicans like to say that Democrats are developing what they call “Playbook” items that they (The Dems) will use to initialize and manifest their nefarious little schemes to win the November elections.  The way the Republicans sound when they talk this way it would seem that Republicans do not have any “Playbook” items of their own.

I can think of a few playbook items that the Radical faction of the Republicans have already developed and even implemented.  One of those playbook items the Republicans are going to depend heavily on in upcoming elections is support from the right-wing elections officials and Secretary of States that they have been electing all over the country so they can have closer control at the various voting booths.  If you can elect friendly partisans who have the power to literally control the elections, then your chances of winning those elections increase a whole lot … a whopping whole lot!  And that is exactly what the sleazier Republicans have been up to lately and they are enjoying some success.

Another factor in the Right Wing radical playbook for “Winning” (Stealing) (Controlling) our future elections is the support from all those lower court judges that Trump appointed … judges who will obviously do his bidding …judges who I believe will support the Republicans in every claim they make about corrupt elections … judges that I believe have one mission in mind and one mission only …. to make sure Republicans win all elections from now on by any manipulations of the established traditions and laws that they can get away with … and they have a Trump-stacked Supreme Court to back them up in whatever slick maneuvers they can come up with.

So don’t talk to me about any “Secret” plans that the democrats have up their sleeves.

Do you want to know what this election is going to be about for the Republicans?  I can tell you what it is not going to be about.  It is not going to be about the issues that Americans are really concerned about.  This election, for the Republicans, is going to be about nothing else but “Stopping” Joe Biden.  The Republican playbook never changes.  It is always about “Stopping” the democrats from doing this or that or whatever.  Remember when Mitch McConnell stood in front of television cameras just after the election of President Obama and told the world that the number one priority of the Republican Party at that time was to make sure that Obama was never elected for a second term?”

Republicans in general have not been about working within the framework of a two-party democratic system to do what is best for the citizens of The United States for a lot of years now.  But they have been focused squarely on achieving power, on dominating the political landscape, on taking control of the government, on defeating anything and everything the democrats want to do …  That is what they are focused on.  All they are interested in is taking over the government.  They are obsessed with it and I believe they are willing to do anything that it takes to get where they want to go.

So don’t talk to me about any “Secret” plans the democrats have to advance some nefarious, crooked agenda when the agenda of the right-wing in this country is as dark and dangerous as it has ever been … and is getting worse with each passing day.



Well, I Will Tell You One Darned Thing

OP ED’by
John (Blog Author)

Like my old friend, “One-Eyed Ollie” used to growl at me sometimes, “Well, I’ll tell you one darned thing….” let me make the same darned expression as I declare the following one of my super-potentially-completely Inarguable opinions to you:

My inspired-from-above opinion that I want to share right now is this:

“If The United States Department of Justice does not appeal the decision of that Trump-appointed judge concerning appointment of a “Special Master” to halt an ongoing DOJ investigation … and if they don’t do it soon …. I am going to start getting suspicions that the DOJ may be  allowing the Trump/Mar a Lago Classified Document case to enjoy some pretty unprecedented favorable “Kid Gloves” treatment and I will start to wonder if somebody is hoping to “Run The Clock” on the case so that in due time it will be beyond the action of the government to do anything at all about it.

But before I start entertaining those kinds of suspicions, I will hereby admit that I will, at first, believe that there is something going on over at the DOJ surrounding this Trunp thing that nobody knows about yet and that, when the rubber hits the road, Justice will eventually be served and our democratic way of life will be preserved and protected after all.

After all, God does work in mysterious ways His Wonders to perform.

And if what I just said is eventually proven to have any truth to it at all, I would be interested to learn just exactly how deep into our government Trump influence has already penetrated and what deep penetration into our government by these forces would mean to the stability of democracy.


Swing State Election Deniers Could Overturn Democracy

Republican primaries in the battleground states have, so far, produced significant majority wins for office seekers who deny the legitimacy of the 2020 election.  The people who have won these positions in the Republican primaries will have an alarming amount of influence on the election of 2024 and will find themselves in position to legitimately deny certification of any election they do not agree with.  In other words, if their candidate does not win in a general election, these newly-elected people could do a lot to deny the real winner of said elections their victory and could, therefore, virtually change the outcomes of elections … defying the will of the people and substituting their own will instead.  And this could be all legal because of the ways that some Republicans have gotten election laws changed in the past few years.

Read More about this impending nightmare about the Republican primaries HERE and let me know what you think about it.  These right wing radical worms are doing an excellent job of boring from within our democracy obviously with every intent of destroying it entirely to suit their own agendas.