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Billy Was a True Genius


Billy had spent years and years studying every book he could lay his hands on, listening to every news program he could manage to listen to, attending every seminar available on every subject imaginable, obtaining several academic degrees at some prestigious colleges and traveling the world, meeting scores of important and powerful people.

Billy had a photographic memory and absorbed every detail of everything he had ever learned and he knew that if ever there was someone looking for an authority on any of the subjects that he had studied, he would be the expert upon whom to call.

It soon became clear to Billy that there was no one at all interested in the things that he had learned and he came to realize the truth of this in very short order.

Years of studying, learning, cataloging information, memorizing all kinds of wonderful, fascinating and often useful information and still he could not find a single person even remotely interested in hearing anything he had to say about the things he had learned.

So, in a fit of frustrated inspiration, he started a blog and, in a few more short years, proved his assumptions over and over again.

Moral of the story — A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing; a lot of knowledge can be a very frustrating thing. So maybe it is better to raise chickens than it is to learn.