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Digging In

I tried using an artificial intelligence-driven writing program on the blog yesterday to see if it helped me with search engine optimization or anything and…. well I don’t know if it did or not ….but I do know that it is too damned expensive for me to use it on a daily basis, given the normally low readership of this blog … so I shit canned the idea and decided that my own intelligence is artificial enough for my tastes.

Another thing I accomplished during the day was that I bought my son, who just obtained his barbering license, a new set of hair clippers to get him started comfortably on his way in his new chosen profession.  Not just any hair clippers, mind you …only the best for my son.

It looks like old Trump (The former president, in case you had forgotten) is now claiming that the boxes of documents taken from Mar a Lago in a recent FBI raid contained nothing but newspaper clippings.  I had to gag on that news.  I hope somebody up there somewhere has some more ammunition in their ruck sack or else slick willy is going to walk.  I have never, in my life, seen a suspect of alleged criminal potential receive such coddling as I have seen the Department of Justice giving to this one.  (Don’t pretend you don’t know who I am talking about.)  If these were the good old days that judge who blocked the DOJ investigation and the whole lot of the players on that side of the fence would have already been locked up and the keys thrown away.  I remember when the poor old Julius Rosenberg and his wife were electrocuted for something they did with classified information … long before any of you were born ….and there was none of this right-assed-wing delaying tactic shit going on either!

America has definitely changed … for the worse …. as far as Justice is concerned.