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Some Things In America Need Re-Booting

One of the things that needs rebooting in The United States is the legal age for candidates for public office.  We don’t need Octogenarians and more holding our high political offices.  Experience is fine if the experience is somehow relevant to our contemporary circumstances but “Experience” in politics isn’t worth a damned if it is stuck in a century that has passed.

Another thing that needs rebooting in the USA is the law that does not require candidates for high office to pass a psychological qualification inquisition of some kind to insure that we do not elect psychopaths.  Right now there is no such protection and any kind of nut case can run for office and get elected to office … as has recently been proven by hard experience.

Our immigration laws are something else that needs a re-doing.  There is a legal path to citizenship for people from other countries who wish to come to America for the good life.  The hitch is that those who choose the legal path to citizenship often get stuck in a mish mash of red tape and delay that can run on for years while those who choose to enter the country illegally are welcomed with open arms and given everything they need to get rooted, to get securely established and to forge ahead toward the goal of citizenship.

By failing to secure our borders, we are putting up a big billboard advertising, “Come on in, undocumenteds, the water is fine and if you can’t swim, we will issue you a pair of government water wings.”  By coddling the undocumenteds with all the benefits and help that they are now getting, we are asking all the rest of the potential undocumenteds in the whole wide world to join the biggest give away party in the history of the nation.

Did I mention that our judicial systems need a little work too?  It seems to me that the way things are right now, a criminal can do a crime, get caught, get arrested, see a judge and be back out on the streets in record time .. sometimes without spending a dime or money in fines or a day in jail.  Is it any surprise then why law-abiding citizens see the need to own an armory of weapons?